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Obama’s message is not so new

April 2, 2010 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

The Bible says “there is nothing new under the sun” and that seems like an impossible statement. Most think that Obama has brought such sweeping new changes that will harm our great land and set us back 200 years. The truth is, he didn’t bring it, he didn’t invent it, he only implemented it and is in the process of bringing it about like this country has never seen before. But his success with our destruction is also not new, one only needs to look back at Germany under Hitler to see a countries demise under such a leader. We have examples in the present day too of leaders who racked and ruined their people and brought progress to a screeching halt. Cuba and Venezuela are two such countries that are mired in poverty and stagnant distress all because their dictator chose to be imperialistic and promote socialism which was only the first step to the ultimate goal of communism or fascism.

Barrack Hussein Obama used Twitter and Facebook as well as other savvy social media techniques to get his veiled messages out to the masses but again, that is nothing new. Looking back all the way to the 1930′s it’s easy to see that this utopia socialistic banter was being pushed at the behest of the leadership of the day using famous people on the big screen. In a time when movies were all the rage and people flocked to Sunday matinees the far left took full advantage and major socialistic policies and programs were easily put through. Jobs were scarce then too, money was tight and so the green light was given to push for this evil agenda and to push hard. Sound familiar? This is exactly what the hate filled, fear mongering left winged politicians are doing today.

It took awhile for the programs such as social security to undermine this country, to long for the Democrats, this time they’ll speed things up 100 fold and ensure the destruction of our freedoms by totally burying us in debt and wiping out the private sector.

Obama did bring us change, there is nothing new about that, let’s just HOPE we can affect our own in the next election cycle.

Obama loses again

March 21, 2010 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

Let’s see, the Olympic bid for Chicago, climate change agreement in Copenhagen, winter Olympic hockey game BET and last years NCAA bracket was a dog and now this year Obamas pick to win it all goes down in defeat. It also seems that no matter who he endorses or flies into town to campaign for loses too. Everything this president touches goes to hell in a hand basket. I’m sure I left some things out but this guys record in less than a year is dismal and his approval rating is right there with it. Oh he did win one thing, the Nobel Peace prize was given to him BEFORE he even did anything to earn it which also came with a million dollar plus check which he was reported as saying he’d give to charity. Does anybody know which charity or did he give it at all? I may have missed it but I’d think with this lap dog sycophant media vaunting the very ground he walks on would have had a one hour special on CNN had he donated the money. Since they’ve been silent, I’ll take that to mean it’s sitting in a nice account somewhere or with a buddy who is investing it and it will magically be 12 or 15 million at the end of his one and only term. How nice.

We can’t afford a losing hand in America right now but it seems that this is all we’ve been getting. This president is too wrapped up in his beer and his sports to pay even the minimum amount of attention to the real issues that face us all. What a difference just one man makes, I guess he was right about one thing, I believe we’re changing.

I miss W.

Miss him? We LOVE him! We love Dubya!

March 11, 2010 · Filed Under Uncategorized · Comment 

picture 9 300x226 Miss him? We LOVE him! We love Dubya!There are so many things I could list that the American people found endearing about George W. Bush, things that we the people could relate to and had in common. From the nicknames he gave to many of his closest advisors, the times he bravely held back genuine tears that showed us he truly cared. Many even laughed out loud when he would stumble on words or simply make up new ones. That to most was no indictment of his intelligence as some would rail about but it reminded us of that he was human, not so polished and rigid. There was the the time when he took the mound in a world series baseball game right after 9/11 and completely captivated the world as he stood there as our leader, our man of hope. We rallied because he stood, our confidence was emboldened and our spirits lifted because one man stood on a tiny dirt mound and then threw a pitch that hit it’s mark.

For those that paid attention to politics in his two terms Bush got things done despite the odds. Critics were constantly amazed at his accomplishments even without his party being the majority. Those same critics were often befuddled by this ‘cowboy’ and despite their coordinated efforts to derail him he simply pressed on with a resolve and demeanor that the American people watched and couldn’t help but admire. Sure the non stop negativity and name calling, constant reviling and lies took their toll because many people are so busy living there lives that a 30 second sound bite serves as a full nights study of the issues. The steady diet of lying to the American people worked only to fuel the hatred of the already hateful but also swayed the opinions of those who regurgitated the sour food they were fed in conversations and in polling.

Now that Dubya is out of office however and the drum beat has skipped some beats, the reality of having a lesser man at the helm is sinking in and people are starting to remember. “Things weren’t so bad when ol George was around.” There were jobs and businesses were flourishing and hope was around every corner. You can hear it in the awakening view points and what was once a small whisper at the water cooler is now a proud proclamation, “I MISS DUBYA!”

As time passes on and the future erodes into a blackening sky of despair voices that haven’t changed but were only muffled because of fear are growing louder. People who were convinced that we were in ruin during his time are suddenly seeing that we weren’t so bad off after all and they too are opining for the days when a genuine leader ran our country and provided us safety and hope.

Miss him? Sure we do but the time is coming when many more will speak out and stand up for the man who never asked for anything from us except our prayers and to pursue the American dream. The time will come when those that say they missed him will go one step further and tell the world they loved his leadership and loved the man as a brother, as one of them. They love Duyba.

Shock and Aw

February 6, 2010 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

Do you remember how in the Bush administration we were always told how bad unemployment was gonna be? It never was. Or how bad the numbers would be on such and such a day when the reports came out and they never were? The next day after the numbers were released the headlines always said,”Numbers surprisingly above experts predictions.”

picture 3 300x274 Shock and AwThis was all part of the mass coordinated efforts to demean and neutralize one of the nations greatest leaders and to some degree it worked. The media did manage to keep such a steady and loud negative drum beat in the face of the average WORKING citizens and criticized Bush on so many fronts that his poll numbers went very low. Who could blame the people for responding to pollsters this way after being fed a non stop diet of negativity. That never stopped George Bush however, with true leadership and tax cuts he managed to get out of the way of capitalism and the U.S.A had 52 straight months of growth and set all time highs for the most millionaires being created during this time. The media couldn’t deny these things and they waited breathlessly for the next report hoping it would finally give them some real ammo that they wouldn’t have to make up or distort, they were ‘shocked’ with each positive and resorted to ‘Aw’ we’ll get him the next time.

Fast forward to today. The hacks are still in shock but now it’s because all of their predictions have come around and smacked em dead in the face but it’s not by the hands of their hated enemy George Bush. This economy and the downward spiral is at the feet of President Obama and they are scrambling to deflect anything they can away from their anointed leader. Now when reports come out and the news is bad (it has been since Jan 20th 2009) they say things like “oh there’s growth in jobs” even though the numbers DON’T say this and they spin the negative into something rosy using the opposite logic they had to demonize Bush.

The American people aren’t buying this and it’s showing in the polls even without the steady drum beat of Obama sucks in the media, his popularity is waning. Frustrated they have resorted to what they know best, blame Bush. It’s shameful and not at all what the free media is suppose to do but they engage in it without remorse and don’t care much to hide it anymore. Now when the reports come out I’m sure they are still breathless but when they see another goose egg laid by this administration the response is the same word just a different meaning. AW not again.

The Audacity of H.R.3200

January 29, 2010 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

This comes from a 1 Nation under 1 God 3in1 youtube library and except for the presenters name I find the information very clear and concise. In light of President Obama’s State of the Union Address where he urged us to reconsider the health care debate I thought this would be a good place to do just that.

If after viewing this information you still think that this plan is right for America, thank a Vet. It is because brave men and women who’s blood was shed here and abroad that you and I can voice our opinion in this free land of ours. If you, like now 75% of America think this is the wrong way to go thank God for the incompetence and self absorbed bumbling of our political leaders who are too worried about their political futures to do anything that the polls don’t agree with. And all of America can thank YOU who have made your voices heard.

Happy Anniversary America

January 17, 2010 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

picture 29 300x229 Happy Anniversary AmericaNo it’s not 2076 and our countries 300th year as a freedom loving land, instead it’s the first year anniversary of our newest president Barrack Husein Obama. While the majority of our brethren are voicing their opinions on the current fate and possible disappearance of our freedoms the leadership seems hell bent on making sure our 234th anniversary celebrates something far different.

It is also the one year anniversary for this site and the thank you letter we have asked you to sign and extended to George W. Bush. We got this idea for a letter while skiing in the mountains of Vermont and launched the site while eating lunch in between runs. The response was immediate and each time someone logged in and sent their thank you note our computer would ding. That entire week was filled with the joyous little noise and most of the letters were heart felt and so filled with emotion. In hind sight it was as if most were saying good bye to the comfort they had enjoyed for 8 years and the feeling of safety that seemed we’d never get back after September 11th.

There are so many personal endearments spoken of and great stories of how a man who sat in the highest office in the world touched their lives in such a way usually only reserved for immediate family or an act of heroism by a stranger that might only occur once in a lifetime but changes a person forever. How rare is it to have a leader who admit-tingly rode in Air Force One, had limos, personal assistants, chefs and was treated to the best the world had to offer from not only this country but every other country on earth? Red carpets are rolled out as routine for our presidents, respect and fawning is just something the world does for the leader of the free world and yet this man who didn’t have to be one of us made it his mission to have that connection with ‘we the people.’

We fell in love with ‘Dubya’ despite the 24/7 drum beat of hatred from the envious and hate filled elitist. We cheered and welled up with pride and confidence as we watched our leader throw out the first pitch in a World Series game or hug a hurting citizen. We drew hope and inspiration when he spoke to us. Our darkest days at least shimmered with a ray of greater expectation with our commander in chief at the helm. Who is it that would have rather had anyone else as our captain during those times? If the average citizen answers this question I’m sure we know the unequivocal answer.

So, here we are America, 365 days later and do we still have that ray of hope? Is there still the great anticipation of our future? Do you and I feel that close connection of our current leader or are we so removed as if standing at a barbed wire fence with large ‘no admittance’ signs posted at the well guarded gate? Is it the man George W. Bush that we miss? I mean after-all he didn’t speak like a world leader and he never attempted to solve a citizens problem with a beer. As the year anniversary approaches the country is pondering our current state of affairs and the obvious questions arise while whimsical and fond memories of not so long ago percolate in our minds as we ask what do we have to celebrate? This was never so obvious when we saw him at the podium the other day speaking about the tragedy of Haiti. Just for a moment I’m sure millions thought what if he were still our leader and perhaps some secretly admitted even if just in their minds,”I wish he were.”

While I leave you with that I ask you to consider sending a thank you note to George W. Bush. If for no other reason it is because of Dubya that we have a glimpse of what true strength used to mean and what freedom with moral conviction can still give us as a proud nation. Happy anniversary America and God Bless us in what is now our greatest time of need.

I miss W

January 2, 2010 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · 1 Comment 

The American people are speaking up about the current direction of our country and their displeasure of the road we are on. It’s as if we’ve taken a time traveling trip back to the 1700′s and we seem to be up against another imperialistic behemoth with a huge oppressive foot to our chest. Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote from the Gettysburg address seems so far away;

that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The citizens of America are also coming to another reality, one which many would have never imagined and perhaps even now have trouble admitting. When George W. Bush led our nation we were in the hands of a truly brave and compassionate man who was in the hands of God almighty. More and more people are opining for the days when the economy was stronger, the constitution was still our founding document and the rest of the world stood in awe of us despite what a slanted media portrayed every night. One such citizen and thankw.com reader has shared these views with us and asked to have them put out to you.

The following is a comment unedited and followed by a video presentation that sums up quite nicely what I believe we all feel. We at thankw.com say Thank you to Frances Sloan the author of the comment and creator of this inspiring video. Please watch the presentation and consider signing the Thank you letter that we have extended to President George W. Bush.

I made this video in response to the attempted Terrorist Attack on the airplane coming to America. I wanted to thank President Bush for all of his hard work that he did after the 9/11 attack. He ‘did’ keep us safe and I and others appreciate it. I, and a lot of my friends are having problems understanding exactly ‘what’ the Obama Administration is trying to do. He keeps apologizing and bowing to everyone and when a Terrorist tragedy happens, he says and does nothing…….at the beginning of his term I did give him the benefit of the doubt and hoped that what I saw during the campaign was just the usual political talk. But no! It is worse!! I am- praying- that the Republicans will come up with a viable candidate that will beat him in 2012. I don’t know who that will be but I did vote for Sarah Palin in the last election. Not John McCain. I will be looking for a more Conservative candidate. If the Republicans don’t come up with someone and Sarah Palin starts a new Conservative Party I will be going with them. The two issues I had with President Bush were the prescription drug plan for senior citizens, of which I am one, and the illegal aliens problem. We didn’t have enough money to support a drug program without cuts and the illegals are a huge drain on our economy. I realize that a large group of them come here and work very hard but, even more of them don’t. Part of our problem with health care is because of the illegals and Lawers. We need Tort Reform. Well, I hope that you can see that I am not just being critical of President Obama. I just want a President that will stand up and be a man. Be proud of his Country and love it. Defend us at all cost. Just like President Bush did.
Thank you,
Frances Sloan

Rush Limbaugh hospitalized

December 31, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

picture 8 300x222 Rush Limbaugh hospitalized Arguably the most influential figure in the conservative movement today was taken to a hospital in Hawaii where he was vacationing Wednesday December 30th just after 2:40 pm. Mr. Limbaugh, 58 was having chest pains shortly before the ambulance arrived and is at the hospital reportedly in serious condition.

Rush has been a strong friend to President Bush and we consider him a friend here at www.thankw.com.
Our hearts and prayers go out to him and his family for a speedy recovery.

thankw.com staff

Citizen Bush still noble at heart

December 16, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

During President Bush’s 8 year term we had gotten use to him quietly accomplishing monumental tasks that kept the media befuddled and frustrated. Amidst a storm of zealous reporters who criticized his every move and pundits who questioned every decision Bush still pulled off some really powerful political moves. But it is the little things that went silently by that would be to the average citizen a hallmark accreditation of a great dare I say grande human being. Had you and I known that the man, George Bush personally called each family of our lost brave men and women to console and comfort them what would we have said? Did we give credit for the little mentioned episode where Bush let slide the juvenile exodus of the Clinton staffers who damaged government property by removing the ‘w’ from White House key boards and other damage. The hugs for those who were near ground zero, hugs for wait staff, doorman and kind genuine words to people that by all rights were so far below him. To George Bush these were people, real people and he was one of them as far as he was concerned. The only difference is that he was blessed by God for the honor to serve as leader to what he considers the greatest country on earth with the greatest people.

The media never picked up on those things and for good reason. Had you and I been treated to the inside look of George W. Bush and his true passion for service he would have been so far ingrained into our hearts that no amount of hate on the 6 o’clock news would have swayed us. We would have seen the true person of George Bush, the one who did the right things even when no one was looking or reporting.

picture 4 300x226 Citizen Bush still noble at heartThis care and concern did not vanish when he left office which seems now like 10 years ago. The media however still has a blind eye and refuses to shine any positive light on the man and I can only guess it is because they still hate him or fear the love that he so openly displays. Evidence of this came just a short time ago when President Bush and his wife Laura took it upon themselves to pay a surprise visit to the wounded service men and women from the Fort Hood tragedy. I’m sure Mr. Bush didn’t pick up the phone and announce to the media his intention but you can bet that the wolves in reporters clothing knew all about the man they stalk for any misstep he may make but decided not to make mention. Had this been any other leader, oh say someone making a midnight run to view our lost soldiers in caskets being off loaded from a plane, that would constitute front page news and all the drooling accolades fit for a king. That has not been Bush’s style and nothings changed since he left office.

George Bush as leader of the free world was a man head and shoulders above the fray and today as a private citizen he shows that same dignity to the office and to his fellow Americans both great and small. The United States of America was truly blessed to have such a leader and we the people are also fortunate to have such a man as an example, George Bush a citizen still nobel at heart.

Laura Bush is all class

November 25, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

picture 4 300x196 Laura Bush is all classRecently I had the privilege of attending a “Get Motivated” seminar in Orlando Florida. The speakers were none other than Zig Ziglar, Rudy Gulianni, Terry Bradshaw, Colin Powell and Laura Bush just to name a few. The enthusiastic crowd was all cheers for these people and the information and stories were great.

Principles of life were brought up and actually applauded which for some reason surprised me. Things such as staying faithful to your spouse, believing in God and making no excuses if for some reason (of your own doing) you are a loser at this time in your life.

As I looked around the crowd I couldn’t help but think what will they do when Laura Bush is announced as the next speaker? Would they boo or just give a polite welcome? The way this crazy world has gone so gaga for Obama and his wife as if they would restore our country to the days of Camelot I wasn’t sure. It seems that the masses want to be ruled by a king these days and are satisfied with just being minions instead of freedom loving patriots who have spirit and a zest for life.

To my delight Mrs. Bush was announced and the entire convention center erupted in the loudest and longest standing ovation, more than even the Mayor of New york received. Camera’s flashed and popped from every angle and the excited mass welcomed in their First Lady in a way an adoring crowd would a queen. It was truly gratifying to know that other Americans felt for her what I have and I know she saw it too.

Her speech was not so much a motivational one as we had been treated to all day. She spoke of the horrific day of Sept. 11th of course but focussed more on the Sept.12th world. The day after the events that changed our world for not only then but forevermore. She described being ushered down into a basement bunker when it was reported that another plane had wandered too close to the White House and how she and her husband were thankful to be safe but wondered and prayed about the rest of the American people. She saw the change in her husband, our president George Bush. The man that up until that point was always quick with a joke and had a wit that would charm anyone. He had changed with the dawn of Sept. 12th, his mission and focus took a whole different direction with a determination that perhaps only she and a few others could see fully.

She spoke of the families of the fallen and how George Bush personally called each of them offering his love and prayers with thanksgiving for their service and sacrifice. She described the strength he needed to get through and how he leaned on his faith often. She heard the criticism at the time and she knew George did as well but her quote was;

“It bothered me, but it didn’t get to me.”

At this point there wasn’t very many dry eyes in the building and it was only at the mention of President Obamas name and how there was no applause that I realized there were no boos or cat calls with her explanations of President Bush and his actions during those times.

I began to wonder then and even now, is the tide turning and the hatred for our 43rd president beginning to melt away? Are people coming to the realization of the greatness this man achieved or is it something else? Could it be that our current leadership is so out of character of what America stands for and their power grab so far over reached that even the most ardent Obama supporter has come to the place where he can at least appreciate what George Bush did for this country?

That may be a difficult question to answer for now but you for sure won’t get the answer from Mrs. Bush. She simply stated her position and wasn’t campaigning for a thing. Like it or not, agree or disagree she saw it first hand and that was what she was there to tell you in her elegant and heart filled way. She offered up no criticism for Obama either but only wished him well in the office he now holds and encouraged us all to pray for them and for our great country. It’s no wonder she got another huge ovation as she thanked us and walked off the stage. America loves this grand First Lady, Laura Bush is all class.

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