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The Audacity of H.R.3200 | ThankW.com

The Audacity of H.R.3200

January 29, 2010 · Filed Under National Politics 

This comes from a 1 Nation under 1 God 3in1 youtube library and except for the presenters name I find the information very clear and concise. In light of President Obama’s State of the Union Address where he urged us to reconsider the health care debate I thought this would be a good place to do just that.

If after viewing this information you still think that this plan is right for America, thank a Vet. It is because brave men and women who’s blood was shed here and abroad that you and I can voice our opinion in this free land of ours. If you, like now 75% of America think this is the wrong way to go thank God for the incompetence and self absorbed bumbling of our political leaders who are too worried about their political futures to do anything that the polls don’t agree with. And all of America can thank YOU who have made your voices heard.


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