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Happy Anniversary America

January 17, 2010 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

picture 29 300x229 Happy Anniversary AmericaNo it’s not 2076 and our countries 300th year as a freedom loving land, instead it’s the first year anniversary of our newest president Barrack Husein Obama. While the majority of our brethren are voicing their opinions on the current fate and possible disappearance of our freedoms the leadership seems hell bent on making sure our 234th anniversary celebrates something far different.

It is also the one year anniversary for this site and the thank you letter we have asked you to sign and extended to George W. Bush. We got this idea for a letter while skiing in the mountains of Vermont and launched the site while eating lunch in between runs. The response was immediate and each time someone logged in and sent their thank you note our computer would ding. That entire week was filled with the joyous little noise and most of the letters were heart felt and so filled with emotion. In hind sight it was as if most were saying good bye to the comfort they had enjoyed for 8 years and the feeling of safety that seemed we’d never get back after September 11th.

There are so many personal endearments spoken of and great stories of how a man who sat in the highest office in the world touched their lives in such a way usually only reserved for immediate family or an act of heroism by a stranger that might only occur once in a lifetime but changes a person forever. How rare is it to have a leader who admit-tingly rode in Air Force One, had limos, personal assistants, chefs and was treated to the best the world had to offer from not only this country but every other country on earth? Red carpets are rolled out as routine for our presidents, respect and fawning is just something the world does for the leader of the free world and yet this man who didn’t have to be one of us made it his mission to have that connection with ‘we the people.’

We fell in love with ‘Dubya’ despite the 24/7 drum beat of hatred from the envious and hate filled elitist. We cheered and welled up with pride and confidence as we watched our leader throw out the first pitch in a World Series game or hug a hurting citizen. We drew hope and inspiration when he spoke to us. Our darkest days at least shimmered with a ray of greater expectation with our commander in chief at the helm. Who is it that would have rather had anyone else as our captain during those times? If the average citizen answers this question I’m sure we know the unequivocal answer.

So, here we are America, 365 days later and do we still have that ray of hope? Is there still the great anticipation of our future? Do you and I feel that close connection of our current leader or are we so removed as if standing at a barbed wire fence with large ‘no admittance’ signs posted at the well guarded gate? Is it the man George W. Bush that we miss? I mean after-all he didn’t speak like a world leader and he never attempted to solve a citizens problem with a beer. As the year anniversary approaches the country is pondering our current state of affairs and the obvious questions arise while whimsical and fond memories of not so long ago percolate in our minds as we ask what do we have to celebrate? This was never so obvious when we saw him at the podium the other day speaking about the tragedy of Haiti. Just for a moment I’m sure millions thought what if he were still our leader and perhaps some secretly admitted even if just in their minds,”I wish he were.”

While I leave you with that I ask you to consider sending a thank you note to George W. Bush. If for no other reason it is because of Dubya that we have a glimpse of what true strength used to mean and what freedom with moral conviction can still give us as a proud nation. Happy anniversary America and God Bless us in what is now our greatest time of need.

I miss W

January 2, 2010 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · 1 Comment 

The American people are speaking up about the current direction of our country and their displeasure of the road we are on. It’s as if we’ve taken a time traveling trip back to the 1700′s and we seem to be up against another imperialistic behemoth with a huge oppressive foot to our chest. Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote from the Gettysburg address seems so far away;

that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The citizens of America are also coming to another reality, one which many would have never imagined and perhaps even now have trouble admitting. When George W. Bush led our nation we were in the hands of a truly brave and compassionate man who was in the hands of God almighty. More and more people are opining for the days when the economy was stronger, the constitution was still our founding document and the rest of the world stood in awe of us despite what a slanted media portrayed every night. One such citizen and thankw.com reader has shared these views with us and asked to have them put out to you.

The following is a comment unedited and followed by a video presentation that sums up quite nicely what I believe we all feel. We at thankw.com say Thank you to Frances Sloan the author of the comment and creator of this inspiring video. Please watch the presentation and consider signing the Thank you letter that we have extended to President George W. Bush.

I made this video in response to the attempted Terrorist Attack on the airplane coming to America. I wanted to thank President Bush for all of his hard work that he did after the 9/11 attack. He ‘did’ keep us safe and I and others appreciate it. I, and a lot of my friends are having problems understanding exactly ‘what’ the Obama Administration is trying to do. He keeps apologizing and bowing to everyone and when a Terrorist tragedy happens, he says and does nothing…….at the beginning of his term I did give him the benefit of the doubt and hoped that what I saw during the campaign was just the usual political talk. But no! It is worse!! I am- praying- that the Republicans will come up with a viable candidate that will beat him in 2012. I don’t know who that will be but I did vote for Sarah Palin in the last election. Not John McCain. I will be looking for a more Conservative candidate. If the Republicans don’t come up with someone and Sarah Palin starts a new Conservative Party I will be going with them. The two issues I had with President Bush were the prescription drug plan for senior citizens, of which I am one, and the illegal aliens problem. We didn’t have enough money to support a drug program without cuts and the illegals are a huge drain on our economy. I realize that a large group of them come here and work very hard but, even more of them don’t. Part of our problem with health care is because of the illegals and Lawers. We need Tort Reform. Well, I hope that you can see that I am not just being critical of President Obama. I just want a President that will stand up and be a man. Be proud of his Country and love it. Defend us at all cost. Just like President Bush did.
Thank you,
Frances Sloan

Rush Limbaugh hospitalized

December 31, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

picture 8 300x222 Rush Limbaugh hospitalized Arguably the most influential figure in the conservative movement today was taken to a hospital in Hawaii where he was vacationing Wednesday December 30th just after 2:40 pm. Mr. Limbaugh, 58 was having chest pains shortly before the ambulance arrived and is at the hospital reportedly in serious condition.

Rush has been a strong friend to President Bush and we consider him a friend here at www.thankw.com.
Our hearts and prayers go out to him and his family for a speedy recovery.

thankw.com staff

Citizen Bush still noble at heart

December 16, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

During President Bush’s 8 year term we had gotten use to him quietly accomplishing monumental tasks that kept the media befuddled and frustrated. Amidst a storm of zealous reporters who criticized his every move and pundits who questioned every decision Bush still pulled off some really powerful political moves. But it is the little things that went silently by that would be to the average citizen a hallmark accreditation of a great dare I say grande human being. Had you and I known that the man, George Bush personally called each family of our lost brave men and women to console and comfort them what would we have said? Did we give credit for the little mentioned episode where Bush let slide the juvenile exodus of the Clinton staffers who damaged government property by removing the ‘w’ from White House key boards and other damage. The hugs for those who were near ground zero, hugs for wait staff, doorman and kind genuine words to people that by all rights were so far below him. To George Bush these were people, real people and he was one of them as far as he was concerned. The only difference is that he was blessed by God for the honor to serve as leader to what he considers the greatest country on earth with the greatest people.

The media never picked up on those things and for good reason. Had you and I been treated to the inside look of George W. Bush and his true passion for service he would have been so far ingrained into our hearts that no amount of hate on the 6 o’clock news would have swayed us. We would have seen the true person of George Bush, the one who did the right things even when no one was looking or reporting.

picture 4 300x226 Citizen Bush still noble at heartThis care and concern did not vanish when he left office which seems now like 10 years ago. The media however still has a blind eye and refuses to shine any positive light on the man and I can only guess it is because they still hate him or fear the love that he so openly displays. Evidence of this came just a short time ago when President Bush and his wife Laura took it upon themselves to pay a surprise visit to the wounded service men and women from the Fort Hood tragedy. I’m sure Mr. Bush didn’t pick up the phone and announce to the media his intention but you can bet that the wolves in reporters clothing knew all about the man they stalk for any misstep he may make but decided not to make mention. Had this been any other leader, oh say someone making a midnight run to view our lost soldiers in caskets being off loaded from a plane, that would constitute front page news and all the drooling accolades fit for a king. That has not been Bush’s style and nothings changed since he left office.

George Bush as leader of the free world was a man head and shoulders above the fray and today as a private citizen he shows that same dignity to the office and to his fellow Americans both great and small. The United States of America was truly blessed to have such a leader and we the people are also fortunate to have such a man as an example, George Bush a citizen still nobel at heart.

Obama rap

October 29, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · 2 Comments 

Even the young are getting now.

Your chance to thank President George W. Bush for his 8 great years of service. Sign the exclusive thank you letter, and show your appreciation to our 43rd President. Or you can just stick with this current cRAP.

I miss W.

Defenders of the right

March 27, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

bud hedinger picture thankw 300x283 Defenders of the rightThere are many staunch ‘right leaning’ thinkers who defend their positions regardless. The same can be true of those on the left; perhaps for now they are a little louder but thankfully that is changing.

It is refreshing however to find those who defend ‘right’; not the political position mind you but that which is right without respect to those who it offends or those who may agree with it. I truly believe there are a whole lot of these kinds of folks but they are too busy living life, taking care of their families and being good toward all men where possible for them to loudly voice their opinion.

So those individuals who take leadership roles in this realm are usually extraordinary people. Mr. Bud Hedinger is one of these people and his voice is one that resonates with truth and common sense that all of us can relate to. Bud has passionately stood up for President Bush and defended his administration on some very tough issues. Tough for those of liberal thinking but common sense for us who look towards our God and ourselves for living this gift we call life.

Mr. Hedinger is host of a very popular radio show on am WFLA 540 Orlando. The Budman as he is affectionately called fields calls from 3 to 6 weekdays and is extremely entertaining. You can also catch him live streaming on the web. Unlike most hosts, Hedinger has a propensity to listen to the callers and allows them to speak their minds. If by chance you call and get cut off you probably crossed a line somewhere or just cannot be reasoned with.

One other characteristic which The Budman has is that he puts his words into actions. It would be easy enough I’m sure for him to tout his beliefs all week long knowing he has a huge audience and that to most, he would be “doing his part.” Quick to champion self reliance and less government his on air persona is as real off the radio. Voice/Bud Hedinger Inc. is an entrepreneurial business that shines as an example of “do as I do.” Bud however takes his gift of communication much further and tirelessly “stands up for what is right.” He has also placed a link which is very generous on his blog to thankw’s sign the Thank you letter to President Bush. He did this without reservation and again it demonstrates his heart, actions and words are in lockstep with each other.

american flag thankw 239x300 Defenders of the rightRecently there has been a movement afoot around the nation to express our displeasure with the government’s action regarding their reckless handling of our money. A grass roots effort has spawned with the idea of a “tea party” action similar to the famous “Boston Tea Party from over 200 years ago. Hedinger has jumped in with both feet and a microphone. Over 4000 Orlando residents showed up with signs and loud but peaceful voices. Bud Hedinger not only emceed the event but was also the leading figure in drawing such a huge crowd. People are taken by his lead and get in motion when he makes a call for action. In this day and time people such as this are getting harder and harder to find.

Compassionate conservatism is a term that some may label Hedinger with, right winged is perhaps another. I think personally there should be a sub category for people like Bud; those who are “Standing up for what’s right”

A Thankful Heart

March 11, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

chris army thankw 206x300 A Thankful HeartDear President Bush:

Thank you, sir, for standing strong in the battle; for fighting the good fight and reaching for the prize of freedom. You have been an amazing role model to our children. A model of decency, morality, integrity and strength. Our son was a proud member of the U.S. Army as Special Ops and served in Iraq for two years. Your compassion and concern for our men and women in the service was something that touched our hearts deeply! When you spoke of their sacrifice and thanked them for their service, the pride you felt was transfered into our hearts. When the tears welled up in your eyes we knew you sincerely cared about their very lives and the incredible sacrifice they were making. Thank you for standing with our son and the many, many other soldiers who stood up for America and for our freedom. Making sure that our country remained terriorist free. Thank you for making sure terriorists knew that under no uncertain terms we will not lie down and allow them to enter our country with violence, killing our people. Our family is extremely grateful for the honor you brought to the office of President and to our country. I am disgusted how all of our financial woes are being attributed to you by the Democrats. Any economist will tell you that this recession began at least twenty years ago. I am sorry if your feelings were ever hurt. I rest in knowing that years from now you will be remembered as one of our most compassionate, caring and honorable presidents. I deeply respect how much you stood for what you believed was right and stood by those beliefs which were only confirmed through much prayer. Your faith inspired my own family’s faith and we strongly stood by you through the past eight years. We would do gladly do it again! I know you’ve had some horrible mud slung at you and certainly you have been the brunt of many jokes but please know there are millions of Americans who are very proud of you and admire you. epcot 019 thankw 300x225 A Thankful HeartOur family is one of those families. It breaks my heart to continually hear these things. We were surely blessed as a country to have had you and your gracious wife, Laura, on our side for the past eight years. I wish I could say this present administration truly cares about us as you so tenderly did but we keep our government and country in daily prayer. God is in control and will lead us in the right direction. Thank you for opening your heart to His and leading us in His purposes for this country. Many, many thanks to you and Laura for the outstanding service you gave to America over the past eight years. May the Lord guide and guard your path as you live out your future in His care. May His angels watch over your family and shower you with His grace!!! God bless you and Laura, Mr. President wherever He may lead you. You have made an extremely positive impact on our world and left footprints of honor on the United States for many years to come. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT!!!!

Citizens Profile: Impressions on the heart

January 26, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

President Bush has touched so many of our lives in many ways. Citizens Profile takes you into those lives.

Etta Hinesley

Elections have always been a big deal to me, but the election that took place between Al Gore and George W. Bush was one that I will always remember. Sure, like everyone, because of the “hanging chads” but for me that election took on a new meaning. I am a Republican but I truly look at the candidates as individuals in a race. I totally connected with the faith of George W. I spent much time in prayer about the outcome and at the time I didn’t really understand why this election had put me on my knees.
picture 229x300 Citizens Profile: Impressions on the heart
One day after spending some quiet time in my room, I came out to find my daughter Heidi ( who was seven) sitting at her desk with a picture she was coloring. “Wow”, I commented, “that guy has some really big arms and hands”.  Without looking up she said, “He has big arms and hands because he has a big job.” “Really,..who is it?” I asked. She took her crayon and wrote over his head ….Jorj W. Bush. I laughed at the spelling but my heart was drawn to the intensity of her voice. As if she had some understanding at seven about what was soon to happen. 911

   When you are a single mom, you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders to be able to wear all the hats that it requires to get four kids to school, dance, church, games, help with homework, provide a home, food, clothes and not to mention entertainment. After 911 I was also concerned about the safety of our schools, malls, even churches with terrorist here on our soil. It was overwhelming to watch that plane fly into the second tower and the pain our nation felt for the families. I watched the coverage with a sickness in my heart, but when our President, George W. Bush spoke to the nation that night, I saw that he too was in pain, but what I really saw was a man that had big arms and big hands because he had a really big job to do.
   As the years past by and we got further away from 911, I think it was easy for us to forget the terror that we felt that day. With every speech, every state of the union address our President Bush reminded the terrorist and the nations that gave them shelter that we would not falter or fail in our quest to get them.
small etta 195x300 Citizens Profile: Impressions on the heart
Nothing can bring that to life for you like having your beautiful daughter come to you and say, “Mom, I think I am going to join the Marines.” In my mind, I’m thinking, “Are you nuts… join the Peace Corp.. anything but the Marines.” But with my mouth, I say, “Why do you want to join the Marines?” Her answer was quick, ” I really believe that God is calling me to do it”. I can only say that it is at time like that, you know, that it means everything to have a Commander in Chief who is in touch with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. On January 23, 2007, I said good bye to my beautiful Marine as she was getting on a plane bound for Iraq. She was a Lance Corp when she left and received a NAM award while she was there for enhancing the security at Camp Fallujah by revamping the system for securing badges on base. She was assigned to a Lioness team while in Iraq. This is a group of female Marines who go out on a mission with the male Marines. On February 11, 2008 I watched her get off the bus at Camp Le Jeune, NC, and run into the arms of her fiance Marine Staff Sargent Ross Wafler, who also has served two tours in Iraq. Yes, I still thank God every day that we had a President that knew what he was doing when he made the call to go after the terrorist. He knows the value of the lives that go to war and the price they pay for us to live in peace. President Bush was called for such a time as this.
  That’s my story. I am a Registered Nurse and work as a Complex Discharge Planner for the Medical Center of Central Georgia. I live in Warner Robins, Georgia. My oldest child is Brittani 27, a school teacher in Melborne, Fla married to Clayton Bluhm, an engineer with Northrop. They have a two year old, Xander, who of course has my heart. Caleb is my son, 23 who teaches guitar to about 30 children, and loves playing praise and worship music at church.
etta family 300x199 Citizens Profile: Impressions on the heart
Sidni is my Marine 22 and is working to make SGT in the Marine Corp in March. She and Ross were married in April when she returned home from Iraq. Ross has a seven year old son Aaron who is my awesome grandson. Heidi is my 15 year old in her first year of high school. She is the artist. The last eight years were difficult at times for our family and for many families across the country, There are thousands of stories out there yet to be told, but as for me and my house, we have been able to sleep at night knowing that with W. in the White House, we were safe from terrorist at our house.

SGT Christopher Cain

I had the pleasure of meeting President Bush in Charleston WV in February of 2001.
508088 Citizens Profile: Impressions on the heart
I had accompanied MSG David Eshbaugh (we all called him Esh for short), whom I served with at the 167th Airlift Wing in Martinsburg WV, to the Presidential Visit to Yeager Field. MSG Eshbaugh greeted President Bush at the stairs of Air Force One (the smaller one, they can’t land a 747 at Yeager Field).

Prior to our visit, MSG Eshbaugh and the members of the Audio/Visual crew had made up a framed and matted photograph for the President of his Basic Training Graduation back in 1968. Then Airman Eshbaugh and Airman Bush shared the same dorm at Lackland AFB in San Antonio Texas. MSG Eshbaugh had told me of several conversations he had with Airman Bush back then. See, as I understand it, early in his military career, President Bush was in a leadership position. From the stories I’ve heard from MSG Eshbaugh, the then Airman Bush was his dorm chief.

One day, according to MSG Eshbaugh, he was growing weary of basic training and wanted to call it quits. Airman Bush sat him down and explained to him what a mistake that would be and said that the flight will need him. He told him he was a valuable member of a team and that he wished Esh would reconsider. Of course, Esh did and the rest is history.

We got on the C-130 in Martinsburg and flew some 45 minutes and landed in Charleston, where we witnessed his speech and later met him.

I found this excerpt of the Presidential visit to Charleston on the White House website.
President Bush: “Finally, I don’t want to embarrass the fellow, but I’m going to. In 1968, July of ’68, I was stationed in Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.”

Audience Member: “Hooah.” (Laughter.)

President Bush: “You don’t sound old enough to have been there.” (Laughter.) But today when I got off the airplane, MSGT David Eshbaugh, from West Virginia, was there to greet me. He and I shared the same dorm in Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. David, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for greeting me at the foot of the stairs when I got off the airplane. And thank you for your service, too.”

After he spoke, we got to meet the President back stage. This is when I got to shake his hand. You know, the man has a certain presence that can’t be described in words. Esh presented him with the picture. I remember President Bush was so grateful. I thought, here he is, the leader of the free world and he still has time to meet and talk to old friends.

President Bush took MSG Eshbaugh’s hand to shake it. He leaned into Esh and said “You know Esh, sometimes I wish I had stayed in and made a career out of the Air Force”. Esh, with his dry sense of humor looked at President Bush with a straight face and said “Just think Mr. President, by now, you too could be a Master Sergeant.”

The room erupted with laughter. President Bush shook his head and he laughed out loud.

What an experience! I not only got to meet “the boss” but, I found out he was a regular guy at heart.

This was of course, prior to September 11th.

After September 11th I was deployed to Iraq as a Medic. After my service, I returned to the US and went back to work at the Unit. I then transferred my Enlistment to the Army National Guard where I continued to support the War on Terror. In Aug of 2007 I had a heart attack while training which ended my Military Career.

Why am I thankful to President Bush? I am so thankful that we had a man with the vision and fortitude to see our country through it’s darkest hour. I am thankful that he conveyed the kind of leadership that inspired many like myself to go forth and serve this great nation in these troubled times. You know, I’ve heard many people in the media and what not, talk down about President Bush. I NEVER bought into the media hype. It use to really irritate me when the media would talk down about him. I guess I’m a little biased, I saw the man, I shook his hand and looked into his eyes and saw not a Republican or a Democrat, I saw a man who had this Nation’s best interest truly at heart. Given the fact that we are still living in a Nation that is Free in the light of a War brought to these shores by those who would like to see our Nation die, and the fact that we are winning the War on Terror, speaks volumes of the leadership President Bush gave to this country.