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Miss him? We LOVE him! We love Dubya!

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picture 9 300x226 Miss him? We LOVE him! We love Dubya!There are so many things I could list that the American people found endearing about George W. Bush, things that we the people could relate to and had in common. From the nicknames he gave to many of his closest advisors, the times he bravely held back genuine tears that showed us he truly cared. Many even laughed out loud when he would stumble on words or simply make up new ones. That to most was no indictment of his intelligence as some would rail about but it reminded us of that he was human, not so polished and rigid. There was the the time when he took the mound in a world series baseball game right after 9/11 and completely captivated the world as he stood there as our leader, our man of hope. We rallied because he stood, our confidence was emboldened and our spirits lifted because one man stood on a tiny dirt mound and then threw a pitch that hit it’s mark.

For those that paid attention to politics in his two terms Bush got things done despite the odds. Critics were constantly amazed at his accomplishments even without his party being the majority. Those same critics were often befuddled by this ‘cowboy’ and despite their coordinated efforts to derail him he simply pressed on with a resolve and demeanor that the American people watched and couldn’t help but admire. Sure the non stop negativity and name calling, constant reviling and lies took their toll because many people are so busy living there lives that a 30 second sound bite serves as a full nights study of the issues. The steady diet of lying to the American people worked only to fuel the hatred of the already hateful but also swayed the opinions of those who regurgitated the sour food they were fed in conversations and in polling.

Now that Dubya is out of office however and the drum beat has skipped some beats, the reality of having a lesser man at the helm is sinking in and people are starting to remember. “Things weren’t so bad when ol George was around.” There were jobs and businesses were flourishing and hope was around every corner. You can hear it in the awakening view points and what was once a small whisper at the water cooler is now a proud proclamation, “I MISS DUBYA!”

As time passes on and the future erodes into a blackening sky of despair voices that haven’t changed but were only muffled because of fear are growing louder. People who were convinced that we were in ruin during his time are suddenly seeing that we weren’t so bad off after all and they too are opining for the days when a genuine leader ran our country and provided us safety and hope.

Miss him? Sure we do but the time is coming when many more will speak out and stand up for the man who never asked for anything from us except our prayers and to pursue the American dream. The time will come when those that say they missed him will go one step further and tell the world they loved his leadership and loved the man as a brother, as one of them. They love Duyba.

We have forgotten

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lady liberty and the towers thankw 300x227 We have forgottenIt’s human nature to forgive and forget. Time is the biggest catapult to that end. As human beings go, we like to forget the ugly nasty side of life and especially if it is our own. It may take many years for some offences to finally be put truly behind us and some if not dealt with linger in the dark shadows of our conscience, always there contributing to the shape we mold ourselves in even we don’t realize it.

We tend to forget the good things too. We may remember the overall picture of a great event or good things but the details fade and the joy of that event or result when remembered soon gets drowned out by the present which demands its full share of our attention.

sept 11th plane thankw We have forgottenSome things both good and bad are so gigantic in scope that it is almost impossible to forget. Even though our human tendencies will take their normal course the caretakers of history make sure that we never forget. We build monuments in remembrance, devote designated days to the observance and fill our children’s history books with the full details so that future generations will remember too. A few of these events even affect the entire world as leaders of countries join in solemn remembrance with mutual respect one for another. Political correctness is accepted in these instances and careful selections of words and actions are taken so as not to inflame wounds that are just below the scars of memory. It is memories such as these that it would be a bigger tragedy to forget than the event itself. Because we remember we can now forge ahead more vigilant and watchful to assure the country and indeed the world that we are ever mindful of the place we once found ourselves in and the sacrifice and diligence it took from the American people and its leaders to pull us out of the jaws of defeat and into the light of victory.

September 11th 2001 is one of those impactful events that we should NEVER forget. President George W. Bush did not forget and made every possible effort to keep the memory of that day alive so that we would not experience another day like that, at least not in his remaining 2550 days as our leader. Because Bush did not forget, we as a nation prospered and were safe under his watch, because he didn’t let the ‘present’ swallow his every move he was able to safeguard a nation even though it was infected with tyrannous wolves who only thought for themselves.

Sadly now the human tendencies of allowing memories to fade are at work in full force. The once carved granite memories of planes crashing into our towers, killing our citizens and crippling the nation are being chipped away. Americans everywhere have suppressed the impressions that once stirred such emotion, it’s now becoming politically incorrect to site the past because of the sins that allegedly arose in its name. The world we’re told does not look on us favorably now not because Bush is in office, that is the old mantra, now it is because of our great atrocities and its because of this we have lost our moral standing in the world.

air force one close to bldg thankw 300x224 We have forgottenThe new administration is doing their part as well to bury this indelible mark on America’s history. As admissions of guilt pour out of every orifice of the oval office they work diligently to remake our image and apparently that includes erasing the past or at least cashing in on it. While we all want to look good in photographs the Whitehouse has taken this to a new level. For reasons only known

(Obama’s photo op)

to the Obama administration they flew a new Air Force one jet with military escort over the same skies and buildings that were terrorized 8 short years ago. Calls to 911 flooded the phone banks and panic gripped the city. No one was told of this ‘photo op’ and old nightmares surfaced instantly for so many that lost their loved ones on that tragic day. Visions of people jumping to their deaths to escape the inferno and tons of hot ash filling every crevice of the city jumped back to the painful present for so many people all because of a callous uncaring decision.

sept 11th flag thankw 150x150 We have forgottenThe Obama team has apparently has forgotten or perhaps it never affected them in the first place. How truly sad it is to have leadership so desensitized to what is obviously a defining moment. How truly disheartening is it to have a leader more interested in his image than the need to remember what has galvanized a nation to stand in strength. What a pity he has forgotten but even sader would be, if you have.

One man’s stand, alone

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I’m not sure who to credit this quote to but it goes like this;

Terrorist just have to be right once, we have to be right all the time.

bush alone 300x207 One mans stand, aloneI guess that means George W. Bush was right 100% of the time. After 9/11 there were NO terrorist strikes on American soil. This was no small feat and considering the fear that gripped us all and the strange events and changes that took place afterwards. I like millions of you was just waiting to hear of the next attack being announced on the news. Would it be a mall, school bus or a large gathering like say a World Series baseball game? No, President Bush worked tirelessly and made sure that did not happen. He enacted brave new rules like the Patriot act, tore down the walls of “no communication” between the C.I.A and F.B.I. Homeland Security was quickly put in place which streamlined and strengthened our efforts and many other things to keep our homeland safe. He rededicated himself and threw any aspirations of high polling numbers out the window when it was clear that such things would only get in the way of his charge to lead.

Aw but you say, Sept 11th was on his watch so he’s at fault, “He had actionable intelligence.” I’ve read Ben-Veniste’s comments and if I were a lawyer (which I’m not) I’d have no trouble throwing doubt all over that. “Possibilities, reports from 1998, Bin laden vowed to strike Washington, didn’t connect the dots”, and on it goes. This plan of terror was not seen by anyone in any clarity what so ever and to lay the blame at the feet of Bush is nothing but smear politics.

If you want “actionable intelligence”, let’s talk Katrina. As stated I’m not a lawyer and I’m also not a weatherman but even I saw the possibilities of the storms final destination some 4 days before it hit. Did Ray Nagin live up to his duties? How about the lovely Governor of Louisiana? The answer is no and the responsibility for disasters such as these are the state and local governments FIRST.Just ask Jeb Bush, he dealt with 4 monster hurricanes in one season. The federal government only comes in by design when it’s too much on that level. Still the buses sat and thousands refused to leave. Another local politician who was also responsible and powerful enough to get things moving was too busy stacking wads of money in his freezer to be of any help. So what happened? President Bush steps in and amasses a heroic roof top rescue of 30,000 citizens who got marooned by the powerful storm and he gets no credit. While the local pundits had the resources and forewarning Bush had to assemble his task force from literally every corner of the country. Bureaucracy on a good day is slower than a snail on valium; Bush had his plan in action as soon as the storm passed.

Iraq; this was a clarion call for the peace nicks to unite against George Bush the tyrant. He was definitely wrong to invade; they had nothing to do with 9/11. Besides they didn’t even have weapons of mass destruction.

bush flag sept 11th thankw 208x300 One mans stand, aloneFirst off you tell that to the 60,000 people who died when Saddam unleashed chemical weapons on them. I’m sure there families will agree with you that 60,000 dead hardly constitutes the use of a WMD. And just how is it that Bush was so wrong but when Clinton, Rockefeller, Kerry and the rest of the world thought the same thing? Even the world’s largest body of ‘community organizers’, the U.N. was against Saddam Hussein and drafted 17 resolutions for him to essentially cease and desist. I guess they didn’t use enough bold type because Hussein with his mighty army just thumbed his nose at all of us. Now, just a few years later and look at who’s using their thumbs? The Iraqi people are voting peacefully and living better lives than anyone ever thought possible. 50 million Muslims have been freed from tyranny and oppression by one man’s stand and still that is not enough.

While our current president is off traveling the world apologizing for Americas sins and using every opportunity to shift any and all blame on his predecessor, George Bush remains quiet and supportive. There is another quote I cannot give credit to but I do know of a man to whom I can. George W. Bush.

One Man Awake

One man awake awakens another,
The second man wakens his next door neighbor,

And three awake can rouse the town,
and turn the whole place upside down.

And many awake can raise such a fuss,
That it finally awakens the rest of us.

One man up with dawn in his eyes – multiplies.

Author Unknown