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Ghost towns of change

August 26, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics 

picture 12 300x223 Ghost towns of changeHow far have we sunk as a nation that we can’t rise up and see the tyrany that is before us? Even lower still are those who see it but are too tired to even so much as voice their opinion.

This is not new, no there is nothing new under the sun but we have precendence and we have seen the outcomes before. It is written about in history books and this vicious cycle of the elite and powerful who trod over the unwilling to speak is in full swing once more. This time the pendleum has gathered almost unstoppable force behind it even if some of the momentum has been taken away by those whose mouths have not yet been vanquished.

I am constantly amazed at the free people of the world who idly sit by and wait for someone else to champion their cause. Those who stick their heads under the sheets in the dark of night and await the daylight hoping beyond hope that when they emerge from the soft and cozy pillows that the harsh and bitter winds just outside the window will have ceased.

If and when spring comes and the howling through the cracks and boarded up doors has dulled to a low whir what will you see? Only slow moving citizens still in a funk as they pass through the barren streets and abandoned cars. No light of life or joy of hope oozing from the children in the parks. Women who walk on egg shells set back 250 years from the strides they’ve made so far. Young and old alike whos eyes have grown dark as the horizon of prosperity is but a speck clouded in gloom and despair. Opportunity seems forever a foriegn and unattainable concept and one not spoken of aloud.

picture 21 203x300 Ghost towns of changeSurely these words are the product of a doom filled man and someone who preaches the end of times. What lunatic believes that our lives could be so altered for the sake of power and privilage for just a few? This is what the elite would like you to believe and truthfully it is much easier now to scoff and accept the bitter medicine we are being force fed than at any other time. Easier to lay down and give in rather than to kick back against such a behemoth that looms ready to punish those who dare disagree.

At this point it doesn’t matter what party you voted for or why. What is foremost is that we all see this new direction of the country is not good and not what we were hoping for. Not the change you envisioned when the votes were tallied. Action now is a must while our voice is still strong. Action later and we may not have any voice at all.

- Evangeline Wilkes


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