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The Great Divide

March 3, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics 

chasm thankw The Great DivideSomething’s amiss in America. While the left is stressing the dire straits the countries in and millions are hurting there seems to be a huge disconnect. Nancy Pelosi declares 5oo million Americans are losing their jobs every month. I’m not great at math but aren’t their only 300 million citizens? Then she jumps on board a luxury jet at tax payers’ expense to have exclusive audience with the Pope. Of course this was right after the hurried vote to take billions from you and I for the ‘stimulus package.’
Gov. Rod Blagojevich is caught on tape ‘selling Obama’s vacant seat and now has inked a book deal for a cool 6 figures.That guy just won’t go away but he does look good in his jogging outfit on his way to daily workouts.
Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius holds back tax monies that are rightly the property of its residents and she is vaulted to a lofty cabinet position. Tax cheats are allowed to keep their jobs and even asked to be on Obama’s exclusive advisory task force. (Charlie Rangle)
Obama himself heralds the failing of our country and spews words of despair and gloom, yet he dines on lobster, caviar and orders up a helicopter that cost’s more than Air Force One.
The chasm is wide and those of us not fortunate to be on the other side can only gaze across and hope for a better day.
With every speech Obama gives (teleprompter or not) the Dow Jones takes another dive. In a speech the other night designed to specifically sound upbeat and positive while echoing Regan’s majestic touch, polls show no significant bump in Americans confidence. Where is this man who ran for office just a few short months ago? What have they done with the Senator from Illinois who promised us change from Washington as usual and brighter days for all Americans, not just the privileged few?
While you and I begin to strategize our future with all of the uncertainties, buckling down on our dollars and cutting back on discretionary spending. Others, already further down despairs road look for housing or scramble to find employment to feed their family. Common men and women who otherwise would not look to government for help now stand and wait for answers. Answers that were promised but most fear will never come.
obama dancing thankw 300x298 The Great DivideAnd just where is Obama? At least on Wednesdays you can find him at the White House with many important people. It’s obvious that key decisions are being made and deals struck that will benefit us all because the ‘get together’ lasts all night long. At least that is the song playing in the decked out east room. You see it’s not top level executives hammering out budgets on Wednesday nights, it’s Obama and his elitist friends in a conga line dancing to the likes of Earth Wind and Fire,Sweet Honey in the Rock and Stevie Wonder.
Obama has turned the once dignified home of great and honorable leaders into a giant disco. Trimmed with lights, a dance floor and the finest hors d’oeuvres money can buy.

He’s quoted as saying “We are just temporary occupants. This is a place that belongs to the American people and we want to make sure that everybody understands it’s open,” he said.

I don’t remember getting that invitation but I’m sure we’ll get the bills. Let’s hope there are no ‘stains’ on the carpet.
This same man who lambasted CEO’s for redecorating their office, flying corporate jets or taking key employees on business retreats is tripping the lights in between traveling the world in first class style.
“Those days are over” was a nice sound bite but now seems so hollow and condescending in light of his recent activities.

Those days are over for some, just not for Obama.


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