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Happy Anniversary America

January 17, 2010 · Filed Under Citizens Profile 

picture 29 300x229 Happy Anniversary AmericaNo it’s not 2076 and our countries 300th year as a freedom loving land, instead it’s the first year anniversary of our newest president Barrack Husein Obama. While the majority of our brethren are voicing their opinions on the current fate and possible disappearance of our freedoms the leadership seems hell bent on making sure our 234th anniversary celebrates something far different.

It is also the one year anniversary for this site and the thank you letter we have asked you to sign and extended to George W. Bush. We got this idea for a letter while skiing in the mountains of Vermont and launched the site while eating lunch in between runs. The response was immediate and each time someone logged in and sent their thank you note our computer would ding. That entire week was filled with the joyous little noise and most of the letters were heart felt and so filled with emotion. In hind sight it was as if most were saying good bye to the comfort they had enjoyed for 8 years and the feeling of safety that seemed we’d never get back after September 11th.

There are so many personal endearments spoken of and great stories of how a man who sat in the highest office in the world touched their lives in such a way usually only reserved for immediate family or an act of heroism by a stranger that might only occur once in a lifetime but changes a person forever. How rare is it to have a leader who admit-tingly rode in Air Force One, had limos, personal assistants, chefs and was treated to the best the world had to offer from not only this country but every other country on earth? Red carpets are rolled out as routine for our presidents, respect and fawning is just something the world does for the leader of the free world and yet this man who didn’t have to be one of us made it his mission to have that connection with ‘we the people.’

We fell in love with ‘Dubya’ despite the 24/7 drum beat of hatred from the envious and hate filled elitist. We cheered and welled up with pride and confidence as we watched our leader throw out the first pitch in a World Series game or hug a hurting citizen. We drew hope and inspiration when he spoke to us. Our darkest days at least shimmered with a ray of greater expectation with our commander in chief at the helm. Who is it that would have rather had anyone else as our captain during those times? If the average citizen answers this question I’m sure we know the unequivocal answer.

So, here we are America, 365 days later and do we still have that ray of hope? Is there still the great anticipation of our future? Do you and I feel that close connection of our current leader or are we so removed as if standing at a barbed wire fence with large ‘no admittance’ signs posted at the well guarded gate? Is it the man George W. Bush that we miss? I mean after-all he didn’t speak like a world leader and he never attempted to solve a citizens problem with a beer. As the year anniversary approaches the country is pondering our current state of affairs and the obvious questions arise while whimsical and fond memories of not so long ago percolate in our minds as we ask what do we have to celebrate? This was never so obvious when we saw him at the podium the other day speaking about the tragedy of Haiti. Just for a moment I’m sure millions thought what if he were still our leader and perhaps some secretly admitted even if just in their minds,”I wish he were.”

While I leave you with that I ask you to consider sending a thank you note to George W. Bush. If for no other reason it is because of Dubya that we have a glimpse of what true strength used to mean and what freedom with moral conviction can still give us as a proud nation. Happy anniversary America and God Bless us in what is now our greatest time of need.


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