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Headline; Bush 3rd term a Bust! | ThankW.com

Headline; Bush 3rd term a Bust!

October 7, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics 

picture 3 Headline; Bush 3rd term a Bust!After 8 years of prosperity, safety and a sense of direction, George Bush has finally fallen to the murky depths of failure, despair and uncertainty. While the first 96 months gave Americans tax breaks, growing 401K’s, a thriving business community, strong military and continued American pride, his last nine months have undone almost all of it.

With unemployment nearing double digits, trillion dollars deficits and the countries confidence shaken to the core the only sector so far in tact is our men and women in the armed forces. That too may change soon since direction and leadership from the top is sorely lacking.

The truth of the matter is President Bush did leave office back in January as scheduled but you would never know it listening to our current administration. Also true is that things were not left in the complete mess that they are in now. The government was not the proud owner of 2 car companies and numerous banks and our children’s children weren’t saddled with a debt so high that their first good years of earnings will go to finish paying off a bill they never created.

In a complete lack of class and dignity for the office President Obama has continually passed the blame for all of the countries woes on George W. Bush. Not only so but he also claims that without his own actions to undue the Bush bust we would be so much worse than we are today. How sad that a supposed leader of the free world would play such a childish game.

Bush never stooped so low as to blame Clinton when he easily could have and he still keeps with decorum by not trashing Obama and instead remains silent to give him the respect the office deserves. George Bush was and is a man of conviction and morals and never ran from his decisions or the ramifications that came with them. He didn’t shift the blame or come up with weak excuses how others caused problems or prevented results. Bush took the responsibilities of office and all that came with them on his first day; perhaps it’s time Obama took over his first term.


2 Responses to “Headline; Bush 3rd term a Bust!”

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    Renee Ward Lee Says:

    I for one would vote for George W Bush for President in a NY Second!! He is one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen! Not one president in recent history EVER faced what he did, our Nation under attack on our soil! We were attacked, I can only say THANK YOU that he had the courage this great Nation was founded on and retaliated so that each American can sleep at night. If you’re confused, might I remind each of you to view the people of the United States of America jumping out of the Twin Towers to certain death. If you can watch that and still not understand why we are at war, try watching the planes bombing in to the Pentagon or better yet, listen to some of the recorded messages of people calling loved ones that they knew would never see them alive again. To borrow a phrase from Bill Cosby, COME ON PEOPLE!! Wake up and realize what we lost when Obama was elected. And the Nobel Peace Prize, that is an INSULT to EVERY previous recipient of this award. Obama or Hussein, whatever you want to call him has done NOTHING to earn much less deserve this award. No one wants to admit they voted for B. Hussein Obama but I’ll stand here and tell EVERYONE I voted for George W Bush, not once but TWICE and will do so again if he would even consider leading our country again!

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    Dutch Says:

    Very well said, I too am so disheartened by the fickle Americans that forget too easily.

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