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Obama rap

October 29, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile 

Even the young are getting now.

Your chance to thank President George W. Bush for his 8 great years of service. Sign the exclusive thank you letter, and show your appreciation to our 43rd President. Or you can just stick with this current cRAP.

I miss W.


2 Responses to “Obama rap”

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    MJ Says:

    What can I say. Obama is clealry trying to turn out country into a socialist socity as soon as he can; probably because he knows in his heart that IF he keeps this shit up eh won’t be re-elected in 20012. I’m proud to say I did NOT voite for Barack Hussein Obama. The turht of the matter, I feel, is that The Middle East has alot of sympathizers in our country trying to take over our country & sadly I feel our President & all his side kicks are in that up to their necks.

  2. 2
    MJ Says:

    I forgot to say the most important thing. I voted for BUSH both times and I’m proud of the fact that he was our President for 8 years; with NO terrorist acts on American soil after 9-11-2001 and now that Obama is President this HUSAN guy shoots up Fort Hood, Texas? Hmmmm. And, Obama does NOT want to call HUSAN what he is; a Terrorist who pre-meditatedly murdered soldiers on Fort Hood; up to and including a Colonel & because HUSAN is a MAJOR in the US Army, our troops are now going to have BIG problems trusting their OFFICERS & frankly I feel that is one reason HUSAN sought to be an OFFICER in the US Army; to divide & conquer from the inside!

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