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ThankW.com - Part 2

Obama rap

October 29, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · 2 Comments 

Even the young are getting now.

Your chance to thank President George W. Bush for his 8 great years of service. Sign the exclusive thank you letter, and show your appreciation to our 43rd President. Or you can just stick with this current cRAP.

I miss W.

Ol John Kerry had a plan-Ee i ee i oh!

October 27, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · 1 Comment 

What ever happened to the “plan” Senator, then democratic nominee for president, John Kerry had for solving the great Iraqi crisis?

I know that as president there’s huge leverage that will be available to me, enormous cards to play, and I’m not going to play them in public. I’m not going to play them before I’m president.”

Well that was over 5 years ago and we haven’t heard this grandiose plan yet, he never did play one of his cards. Meanwhile American service men and women died in Iraq since then and it wasn’t until the surge which President Bush approved that Kerry was also against, that things turned around.

Here is Senator Kerry in February 2007:
Sen. John Kerry on Saturday blamed Republicans for squelching Senate debate on the Iraq war and warned that President Bush’s plan for more troops in Iraq is a mistake. …

“Another 21,000 troops sent into Iraq, with no visible end or strategy, ignores the best advice from our own generals and isn’t the best way to keep faith with the courage and commitment of our soldiers,” the Massachusetts Democrat said in his party’s weekly radio address.
Kerry branded Bush’s proposal for additional forces as “nothing more than the escalation of a misguided war.”

Don’t you love America Senator Kerry, do you not feel for those who give the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country and for those who are in harms way everyday while we enjoy the richness and fulness of our homeland? You sir who served in Viet Nam and saw combat and men die for what you later renounced as a misguided war as your medals hit the White House lawn.

Perhaps the answer is no because we have yet to hear of your famed plan and you never once acknowledged the success of the surge in Iraq that truly did bring a situation back from the brink of disaster. That decision sir came from a man whom you claimed you out classed and had such superior knowledge over. That man, President George W. Bush did what you never had the courage to do which was to put his political career in the rearview mirror because the safety of our troops, country men and the mission itself was more important.

Now that our current President wants to dither and waffle, the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan have deteriorated and here you are again with your condescending, self centered and opportunistic opinion.

“After eight years of neglecting Afghanistan as vice president, Dick Cheney has now come out of retirement to criticize President Obama for taking time to examine assumptions before sending troops into war,” Kerry said.

“Make no mistake,” he continued:

“Because of the gross mishandling of this war by past civilian leadership, there are no great options for its handling today.

Is there no shame? Is this full circle or have you gone over the edge? Your plan never existed for Iraq and you used the occasion for political gain which by the way, didn’t work. Now you pompously set off to a foreign land, our theatre of war and you return as if you’re some great savior and chastise a man who was on the right side of history as if he was some child. While Cheney had and has gravitates, you sir have your nerve.

picture 7 300x218  Ol John Kerry had a plan Ee i ee i oh!Stop blaming President Bush and his administration and tell your boss the same, it’s unbecoming of the offices you hold and shows you as bitter spoiled men who can’t stand the great unwashed and being disagreed with, especially when you’re wrong. Stand up and do what’s right for the American people, our troops and the betterment of our great land.

Headline; Bush 3rd term a Bust!

October 7, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · 2 Comments 

picture 3 Headline; Bush 3rd term a Bust!After 8 years of prosperity, safety and a sense of direction, George Bush has finally fallen to the murky depths of failure, despair and uncertainty. While the first 96 months gave Americans tax breaks, growing 401K’s, a thriving business community, strong military and continued American pride, his last nine months have undone almost all of it.

With unemployment nearing double digits, trillion dollars deficits and the countries confidence shaken to the core the only sector so far in tact is our men and women in the armed forces. That too may change soon since direction and leadership from the top is sorely lacking.

The truth of the matter is President Bush did leave office back in January as scheduled but you would never know it listening to our current administration. Also true is that things were not left in the complete mess that they are in now. The government was not the proud owner of 2 car companies and numerous banks and our children’s children weren’t saddled with a debt so high that their first good years of earnings will go to finish paying off a bill they never created.

In a complete lack of class and dignity for the office President Obama has continually passed the blame for all of the countries woes on George W. Bush. Not only so but he also claims that without his own actions to undue the Bush bust we would be so much worse than we are today. How sad that a supposed leader of the free world would play such a childish game.

Bush never stooped so low as to blame Clinton when he easily could have and he still keeps with decorum by not trashing Obama and instead remains silent to give him the respect the office deserves. George Bush was and is a man of conviction and morals and never ran from his decisions or the ramifications that came with them. He didn’t shift the blame or come up with weak excuses how others caused problems or prevented results. Bush took the responsibilities of office and all that came with them on his first day; perhaps it’s time Obama took over his first term.

The Kevorkian party

October 1, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

Just who is spreading hate and lies? Is it the republican Joe Wilson for shouting “you lie” during President Obama’s speech to congress? Liberals are sure going out of their way to make sure the public heard about that one and while most agree that was not the time and place it pales in comparison to what liberal democrats are spewing. Wilson apologized soon after the remark but it was to late and is now branded a racist of all things and democrats have been trying to use the outburst to hang the same label on citizens who attend tea parties and town hall meetings.

Democrat Alan Grayson was elected partly because of his ‘shock’ value commercials holding up prosthetic limbs and claiming outrageous things. Apparently he’s decided that more of this behavior will serve him well. You watch the video and decide for yourself who it is that is supplying hatred in our country and causing division. If the m.o. of the left holds true they’ll use this to brand conservatives as the Kevorkian party and the biased media will eat it up.

Oh but I digress, good ol Alan did apologize, I guess things are all better now.

Isn’t there an election in 2010? Maybe we should keep this in mind.

The book of Bush quotes may be short

September 30, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

“Freedom is on the march in this world. I believe everybody in the Middle East desires to live in freedom. I believe women in the Middle East want to live in a free society. I believe mothers and fathers want to raise their children in a free and peaceful world. I believe all these things, because freedom is not America’s gift to the world, freedom is the almighty God’s gift to each man and woman in this world.”
Speech in Pennsylvania, October 22, 2004

What part of these words do we find arrogant and demonstrative? Yet for 8 years we were told that George Bush was the devil himself only interested in power and money for him and his oil buddies. I contend that had this quote been from any other leader from days gone by it would be engraved on tablets and on display for all to see. It is said that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and if this true then freedom truly occupies a large portion of Presidents Bush’s and his words should inspire us all unto more worthy endeavors.

Perhaps it’s true that the book of quotes when finally printed will be a quick read but for those with eyes to see and ears to hear it will be like a lone ray of light that breaks through an otherwise dark and ominous cloud. People with foundations built on sand don’t want to hear about the sacrifice and hard work it takes to secure liberty. They really can’t make the hard choices but are oh so quick to criticize from the shadows of fear hoping to quell the light that will shine on their dark hearts. Misdeeds, greed and lust for anything other than God are repelled by light and for a man to speak in this way in our day and time cannot be tolerated. 8 years of hatred could not stop one mans strength and so the drum beat continues today and seemingly will not cease until every last ounce of the idea of freedom is beat out of us.

It might have been different had George Bush been our 5th president and his words could be neatly tucked away in a history book that we don’t allow our children to read. The tablet and monuments erected would make for tolerable photo op’s and allowing tourist to see how things were in the past would be acceptable but that is as far as it would go. His words would be as Lincoln’s, Adams or Washington in that we recite them from time to time but need not apply them in our new progressive and tolerant world.

But Bush took it one step further and committed the ultimate sin and for that he can never be cited for greatness. Talk of freedom became action and today millions of Iraqi men and women enjoy a freedom they have not had in generations. He spoke of God and openly prayed and invoked the Almighty for aid and blessing. He spoke directly and with conviction to despot leaders and yes raised the mighty arm of the United States military and we lived in safety and peace on our homeland because of his leadership. He spoke of compassion and millions of African children flourished when his words became action. He sent brave men and women to the front lines and stood behind them in prayer and when a fallen hero was brought home he made the call to offer comfort to their loved ones.

Strength can be measured in words but they are only tested by action and if the words remain when the fire is gone then they were true indeed. For his term the fire raged and his words were tried and found true. It may not be in my lifetime or yours but there will come a day when somewhere on the hallowed grounds of leaders gone by that a small but significant monument will be erected. A tourist will stop and pose for a picture holding in her hand a small but well read book opened up to a page for all to see.

“…The God I know is one that promotes peace and freedom. But I get great sustenance from my personal relationship. That doesn’t make me think I’m a better person than you are, by the way. Because one of the great admonitions in the Good Book is, don’t try to take a speck out of your eye if I’ve got a log in my own.”
–Interview by Radio and Television Ireland, June 24, 2004

One solemn step

September 16, 2009 · Filed Under World Politics · 1 Comment 

In a quiet and unsung move president Obama has taken his first Presidential step since taking office January 2009. No major fan fare or speeches with war on terrorism logos on the back drop. With just a signature on a document Obama set into motion helicopters and guns with one goal in mind, the death of a man. This action was never anticipated by either political party and most assuredly it was the last thing on terrorist Saleh Ali Nabhans mind.

Who could have ever thought that our current commander in chief who champions the liberal mindset would have ever personally condemned a man to death but now there is no denying that this mans end of life came with Obamas blessing.

Nabhan is believed to have been behind the 1998 attacks on U.S. emabassies in Kenya and Tanzania and also is the reported mastermind of the resort hotel bombing in Mombasa 2002 as well as a failed rocket attack on an Israeli airliner. An officer of the al Qaeda network it is not reported as yet if he leaves any family behind.

President Obama, welcome to the presidency of the United States of America. It is these types of decisions that only a few chosen men are charged to make and you sir have made your first. I don’t believe you will be treated with the same distain as your predecessor and as of this writing there seems only to be the fan fare of a few blogs and the talk radio which you despise. No voices even in these venues seem to be overly critical and there are no plans for congressional hearings and talks of war crimes. You sir by your action, forethought and with deliberate conscience have decided that a man should die.

It is a heavy decision that any leader has to make to send men and women into harms way with the only goal of ending the life of those we deem our enemy. Saleh Ali Nabhan has no further part of anything under the sun, no thought work or deed. He was not afforded the chance to face the blind eyes of justice and only waits for his day to meet his maker where divine judgement will be meted out.

This step was yours President Barack Hussein Obama and yours alone. With it you have saved lives but you may never meet or know who it is that will benefit from your decision. The hardest decisions are always the loneliest and come with the most weight. Perhaps you have gleaned some modicum of grandeur from President Bush who was faced with thousands of these in his 8 years. It seems at least for now you will escape the cruel scrutiny that Bush dealt with but the heaviness cannot be escaped. The death of any man is not to be taken lightly even those who are confirmed terrorists.

So you sir have come to this conclusion and may need to decide other similar actions as well. I pray to God for wisdom for you and that you continue to stand strong in the face of our enemies. When those long nights come you only need to look back one administration for the example of a leader who stood strong in his convictions and moral direction for an example. If you gain nothing else from recent history this is something you should not ignore and with todays threats that abound, it’s something I’m sure you’ll need.

Let us never forget

September 11, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

picture 2 Let us never forget

“When suffering comes, we yearn for some sign from God, forgetting we have just had one.”

Mignon McLaughlin (American Journalist and Author, 1913-1983)

Seeds of hope

September 10, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

Head held high and shoulders back you command the faltering crowd
Words are seeds and you plant indeed in the rows that others have plowed

“I am right my, my vision is true, just follow me and you’ll see”
A leader leads but a speaker just speaks which one is it you wish to be?

When words take root and ideas spring up all in the carefully laid row
But no gardeners to tend just backs that won’t bend what will your words have to show?

Weeds creep in and erosion takes hold while your new sprouts strain in the heat
Weeds were seeds too as you allowed them to grow so the blame is laid at your feet

No tools in hand no sweat on your brow your words are just left there to die
The weeds choke words and the ideas are purged and you chastise those who ask why

“This is my garden now, my seeds are cast and we’ll all share in this my brand new crop”
But less is grown and each must now share his own except those who remain at the top

The winter blows cold and the fire is low as we huddle and remember the past
When harvests were good and weeds were few and we all thought that those times would last

Spring time will come and we’ll start again but this time our rows rearrange
Springtime will come for tired souls who thought they needed new hope and new change

Ghost towns of change

August 26, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

picture 12 300x223 Ghost towns of changeHow far have we sunk as a nation that we can’t rise up and see the tyrany that is before us? Even lower still are those who see it but are too tired to even so much as voice their opinion.

This is not new, no there is nothing new under the sun but we have precendence and we have seen the outcomes before. It is written about in history books and this vicious cycle of the elite and powerful who trod over the unwilling to speak is in full swing once more. This time the pendleum has gathered almost unstoppable force behind it even if some of the momentum has been taken away by those whose mouths have not yet been vanquished.

I am constantly amazed at the free people of the world who idly sit by and wait for someone else to champion their cause. Those who stick their heads under the sheets in the dark of night and await the daylight hoping beyond hope that when they emerge from the soft and cozy pillows that the harsh and bitter winds just outside the window will have ceased.

If and when spring comes and the howling through the cracks and boarded up doors has dulled to a low whir what will you see? Only slow moving citizens still in a funk as they pass through the barren streets and abandoned cars. No light of life or joy of hope oozing from the children in the parks. Women who walk on egg shells set back 250 years from the strides they’ve made so far. Young and old alike whos eyes have grown dark as the horizon of prosperity is but a speck clouded in gloom and despair. Opportunity seems forever a foriegn and unattainable concept and one not spoken of aloud.

picture 21 203x300 Ghost towns of changeSurely these words are the product of a doom filled man and someone who preaches the end of times. What lunatic believes that our lives could be so altered for the sake of power and privilage for just a few? This is what the elite would like you to believe and truthfully it is much easier now to scoff and accept the bitter medicine we are being force fed than at any other time. Easier to lay down and give in rather than to kick back against such a behemoth that looms ready to punish those who dare disagree.

At this point it doesn’t matter what party you voted for or why. What is foremost is that we all see this new direction of the country is not good and not what we were hoping for. Not the change you envisioned when the votes were tallied. Action now is a must while our voice is still strong. Action later and we may not have any voice at all.

- Evangeline Wilkes

One wing low

August 11, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

What is it that this administration has against aircraft? Not the airplanes they need or fly mind you but the ones an enthusiast or a corporate CEO might fly. It seems that Obama despises these people with a deep seated hatred and his words have actually caused a slump in sales of aircraft. For those who doubt his words could have this effect just ask the business owners in Las Vegas. Class envy has always been a powerful tool in politics and it’s very easy to sell this idea to those of us stuck on the ground as the fortunate few go off flying into the sunset.

picture 11 300x194 One wing lowI guess I could go into detail about the need for big businessmen and women to be able to get literally around the world to make deals and keep the engines of commerce humming. I could easily spend a few paragraphs on the small craft owners who are enthralled with the wonderful world of aviation and how contagious it is to fly. Not to mention the 1.2 million people who make their living in the aviation industry. Still we are told that these are the rich and since we can’t have what they have it should either be heavily taxed or they should just do without. If that isn’t enough, congress is ‘cracking down‘ on the airlines with stricter regulations. Obama has chastised, demoralized and weakened this sector of our economy, so much so that more than 70 mayors and other officials have officially requested in letter form that he tone down his rhetoric.

What’s most galling about this administrations attack on the aviators is the blatant hypocrisy. First there was the controversy of getting new helicopters for the President at a cost equal to or more than Air Force one itself.(11 billion total) Obama then displayed his insensitivity to the citizens of New York by having a low flying photo op complete with a fighter jet escort over the same area the terrorists flew which set the city into a panic as flash backs of September 11th set in. Recently the President has decided to vacation this August in the elitist capitol of the world Martha’s Vineyard. A seemingly innocuous decision and who really cares if he wants to spend time with those who he most relates to; go have a grand time with the ultra rich and dine on the best of the best. The problem is that while he’s on the ground that all private air flights will be cancelled and the local airport will be shut down. This 10 day frolic among the ultra rich will cost the small aviation businesses in the area about 20% of their revenue. The season for sight seeing and flying lessons etc. is very short lived due to the weather but it’s doubtful that anyone in Obama’s world even cared enough to look into that.

The big criticisms of conservatives is ‘trickle down’ economics and the ‘culture of corruption’ and yet we see this with the liberal establishment doing exactly what they accuse those on the right of. With the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Waxman and Obama himself piling on this and other industries they fly around the world on the tax payers dime in the height of luxury. While looking down their noses at us and scolding the very people who helped build this country they sit upon their thrones in judgement.

They are doing their part to keep airplane sales going however, just in a backdoor top secret kind of way. What they don’t want you and I to know is that while they have crucified the general aviation world they have ordered 3 brand new corporate style jets at a whopping cost of $354 million tax payer dollars. The average Google search won’t be able to find this information and even if you did have the upgraded scan reading software required you would still need to read almost 200 pages of the spending bill to find it. What’s more, it is worded in such a way that you may think of it as a military need so you might pass right on over it which is what I believed they hoped for. The planes are referred to as “Mission support aircraft” and who in the world could deny them this?

picture 3 300x201 One wing lowIn aviation there is a technique in landing for deflecting the wind as it pushes you. Flying with your wings straight across would surely get you off course and you would have to abort your landing. This skill is referred to as ‘one wing low’ and Obama and his ilk have it mastered. Anytime they need to land and the winds of opposition are blowing they deflect with deceit and lies and though it seems they are in an awkward position they pull it straight at the last second and touchdown. Once their bill is passed they are safe and to them it really doesn’t matter how they accomplish their goals just as long as they get their long sought after agenda. In aviation it is a required maneuver for the safety of the pilot and passengers, in politics it is just the art of deception with no regard to anyone else’s outcome. It is in fact just plane low.

I miss ‘W’.

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