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Clash for clunkers

August 8, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

As Obama basks in the glory of his cash for clunker flash in the pan program which really just adds up to a nice week or two of normal sales when things were normal, members of congress are being confronted by citizens who are dead set against his health care ideas and have no answers in which to sooth the restless.

picture 1 Clash for clunkersIt’s recess time for congress and although it’s not required it is a sort of pseudo tradition to hold town meetings with their constituents and listen to the concerns of those who they lead. This year however, some congressional leaders are afraid to go home. It seems that if they do there will be loud, bold and well informed voters there to greet them.

Normally this is not a problem for the slick and professional politician but this time it’s different. This time the ignorant sheep have done something that our elected officials have not. They have studied the health care issue and actually read the bill. In so doing millions of people are coming to the realization that this is a bad bill that will seriously undermine our health care.

Already town-hall meetings have been too much for democratic congressman who tried to rely on White House issued cheat sheets for answers. Frustrated and perhaps embarrassed some have walked out and others not used to being challenged by the great unwashed just floundered in their weak answers.

President Obama has now apparently had enough and has stepped in giving new marching orders and is hell bent on ramming this bill (that even he doesn’t know what’s in it) down our throats. He has also called in unions who backed his candidacy and are not affected with this trash he’s trying to push to intimidate and “hit back” all those who oppose. Before today the meetings have all been civil but with the leader of the free world commanding ‘force’ to be used these meetings are now turning into clashes. If it continues and our president continues to act so un presidential and uncaring for all the people then these clashes will become even more psychical.

picture 2 300x203 Clash for clunkersIf not for the future of our country, our children and our way of life I would say these so called leaders are not worth the effort and possible harm that this administration is promoting. If it were just for the sake of beating back these privileged elitist who haven’t had to sweat or get dirt under their nails in years (if ever) to earn a living I’d say ignore them, after-all they’re just clunkers and maybe it’s time we scrapped them.

Just a question of timing

August 5, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

picture 4 232x300 Just a question of timingI hate to admit it but President Obama has got a lot done in the 7 short months he’s been in office. He is moving so quickly and almost over night has made sweeping changes to our countries landscape. Why the rush? Is 4 years not long enough for him to reach all his goals so he needs to move at break neck speed with each moment he’s in office? Me thinks there’s more to the story.

I guess I could go down the list and mention each item that this administration has tackled but at this point I believe we all know too well how far we have fallen in such a short time. My point with this writing is the urgency he has created with each item and why he has used this tactic.

Would we as a nation been so willing to stay quiet if we knew the details and ramifications of what we are now saddled with? The answer, if we’re honest is no. Not only are we in the present affected but our children and our children’s children are going to face the burdens of living up to the costs of decisions made today. That’s a long time to live with the consequences of a rushed administration. Obama is a young man but wise and sly like a fox and I believe he knows full well of this and that is why he has hit the accelerator. For a “fully transparent” administration he really couldn’t afford to give us those details because the American people would have rejected his plans.

In the words of Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff “Don’t waste a good crisis” this administration has used this economic downturn as a gateway to get all of their agenda rammed down the American peoples throats while barely receiving any real opposition. Actually Hillary Clinton and Obama have said the same things in public so the tactic is an established tool and one they have purposely used.

Whether or not their new policies produce anything good does not matter, all that is important is that they get their way and it’s never been easier with the mask of confusion they use. If things seem to pick up and look like they are returning to normal this administration with their willing media simply whip up more worries and catastrophes keeping our sheep like minds off what is really happening. In this confused state coupled with the lightning speed that they are pushing their agenda America and all her grand ideals are drifting farther and farther away.

picture 5 Just a question of timingFinally I believe we are waking up to face the giant as evidenced by our tea parties, town hall meetings and water cooler discussions. (those who still have jobs and can meet there) Actual questions are being raised that can’t be truthfully answered and realizations are coming to light just a bit to early for Obama to feel comfortable. Since his health care and cap and trade are not in the bag and disgruntled citizens are speaking up I’m sure he’s wondering if they should have made that move first.

I have faith in Obama that he will see this and adjust accordingly. Perhaps he can get us all nerved out on the H1N1 or maybe a good ol natural disaster will happen so he can continue to get things done. That would fit his ‘good crisis’ definition wouldn’t it? I think this current administration can be summed up with an old writing from some 2000 years ago and I can think of none better.

James 3:16 (King James Version)

For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

Can I buy you a beer?

July 29, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · 1 Comment 

picture 3 224x300 Can I buy you a beer?I’m not sure if this question has been asked of every president but I know it has of President Bush. Is he the kind of guy you could have a beer with? The intended meaning I suppose is whether or not this leader is a man of the people, is he interested in the common folk? If the answer is yes than by all means bring him a cold one, if it is no than he is a snob that is out of touch and too good for you and I. This question has always been considered hypothetical because no President on record has had the proverbial cold one with an average run of the mill citizen.

This Thursday President Obama is going to have that ‘beer’ and put this theory to the test. Joining him will be Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley.

The three are embroiled in a local incident that has had national implications. Gates Jr. was arrested by Crowley and words of racism, stupidity and belligerence have been bandied back and forth. Obama in a move to quell the now embarrassing episode and maybe garner the respect of the beer drinking unwashed masses has arranged for the meet.

I ask you, does this seem presidential? Is this something that George Bush would ever be part of? For as much criticism as he took for being a ‘cowboy’ and stupid, yada yada, did he ever look this non presidential? Obama is suppose to be so sophisticated and above this yet his words betray him much in the way John Kerry was unmasked when he said, “Is this where I get me a huntn license?” Obama’s quick retort gives even the casual observer a quick glimpse into what he is made of.

Now he’s chosen a common mans way of settling the matter as if Joe six pack will never be the wiser. I’m sure a big deal will be made ofpicture 11 300x259 Can I buy you a beer? who sips or who guzzles, what the beer of choice is and God forbid if the two elitist drink anything other than an icy cold beer. If chardonnay is brought out by the house butler all hell will break loose, at least until this Sunday when Nascar will once again grip the minds of the lower echelon.

I thank God for men like President Bush who never lost sight of ‘we the people’ and was humbled by the responsibility to serve us while staying true to his faith and commitment. There was no pretense or false words of “I feel your pain.” Just a caring heart and a man who though not always perfect, was a true leader for the people and someone you could have that cold one with.

You S.O.B

July 22, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

picture 1 227x300 You S.O.BIrony in life is Gods way in keeping us balanced. I mean how else can you explain that more good is done in congress when they go on vacation? Or that the politicians claim they’ve saved us money just because they didn’t spend the whole trillion dollars on some earmarked boon doggle that nobody needed anyway.

I can’t believe that we elect some of the most brain dead people that either don’t care about what they’re doing to us or that they know full well and figure we’ll never notice. $18,000.00 toilet seats, $1,191,200 for 2 pounds of ham and $160 million for “paid volunteers” at the Corporation for National and Community Service. The list goes on and on and only gets more ridiculous with each item.

There are so few things that our elected officials get right anymore it really is sad. I realize they have a lot to do but every activity is geared around them getting re-elected and not what’s in the best interest of the people who elected them in the first place. (that ironic)

Now our illustrious leaders want us to trust them with one of the last industries that America leads the world in, our health care. Obama and his cronies are moving at breakneck speed to ram this proposal through and yet no one has even read the 1200 page bill. How in the world can we expect anything good from a piece of legislation that even the president admits he doesn’t know what’s in it. Ironic that he claims it’s what we need but he knows very little about it.

We can still make a difference and bring our leaders back down to reality. E-mails, letters and phone calls are tools we’ve always had in our box and just about the only ones that this administration hasn’t taken away from us; yet. It already is making a difference as Obama has relinquished his mandate on passing this bill by August recess to ‘sometime this year.’ It’s obvious that we are hurting the ears of these ego maniacs by bending them so much with the phone.

If you’d like to help out in this way it’s really very easy but it is also the best example of irony I’ve ever seen in my life. A simple call and the operator will ask you your zip code. (all 9 digits) From there you will be transferred directly to your representative. Then simply state your case and your congress person will get the message.

Now for the ironic part; the number to call is


When you stop laughing, give them a call.

We the people, ignored the signs

July 21, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

It’s been only 6 months and “we the people” has a whole new meaning. Instead of representing hope and promise for every man woman and child it only reflects dashed visions of the change we were told was coming. Rather than integrity, transparency and hard work for the sake of the people, it is apparent that this only includes the people within certain circles that have been approved by the hierarchy.

Still, there is hope in the distance, that is, if it is not a mirage and it’s already too late. We the United States citizens need to stand up and reclaim what our founders fought and died for. If we sit idly by and wait for a cue from above, for someone prominent to take the lead then I assure you our mirage will become a permanent fixture and one we can never reach.

picture 2 300x218 We the people, ignored the signsThere is a saying that if something is to good to be true, it probably isn’t. Just 6 plus months ago our cities, airwaves, papers and computers were inundated with signs for hope and change. There were also many signs for a solid an alternative direction but just enough votes were cast that decided the country would follow this new road. It almost seems unfair that this margin of people could steer the rest of us in such a polar opposite direction but those are the rules. Elections have consequences and even many of the once hopeful are now regretting their decisions.

Just as before there are signs for the future, directional arrows to the prosperous ways America once knew. Looking back they appear loud and obvious but this time we can’t afford to only give a passing glance. These quiet reminders are still calling but this time they need your voice.

If “we the people” means anything to you it should at least remind us that it won’t get done unless we do it. If we just pass the responsibility to future generations or worse yet, leave it up to the current politicians then we have no one else to blame.

We have forgotten

April 30, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics, Uncategorized · 1 Comment 

lady liberty and the towers thankw 300x227 We have forgottenIt’s human nature to forgive and forget. Time is the biggest catapult to that end. As human beings go, we like to forget the ugly nasty side of life and especially if it is our own. It may take many years for some offences to finally be put truly behind us and some if not dealt with linger in the dark shadows of our conscience, always there contributing to the shape we mold ourselves in even we don’t realize it.

We tend to forget the good things too. We may remember the overall picture of a great event or good things but the details fade and the joy of that event or result when remembered soon gets drowned out by the present which demands its full share of our attention.

sept 11th plane thankw We have forgottenSome things both good and bad are so gigantic in scope that it is almost impossible to forget. Even though our human tendencies will take their normal course the caretakers of history make sure that we never forget. We build monuments in remembrance, devote designated days to the observance and fill our children’s history books with the full details so that future generations will remember too. A few of these events even affect the entire world as leaders of countries join in solemn remembrance with mutual respect one for another. Political correctness is accepted in these instances and careful selections of words and actions are taken so as not to inflame wounds that are just below the scars of memory. It is memories such as these that it would be a bigger tragedy to forget than the event itself. Because we remember we can now forge ahead more vigilant and watchful to assure the country and indeed the world that we are ever mindful of the place we once found ourselves in and the sacrifice and diligence it took from the American people and its leaders to pull us out of the jaws of defeat and into the light of victory.

September 11th 2001 is one of those impactful events that we should NEVER forget. President George W. Bush did not forget and made every possible effort to keep the memory of that day alive so that we would not experience another day like that, at least not in his remaining 2550 days as our leader. Because Bush did not forget, we as a nation prospered and were safe under his watch, because he didn’t let the ‘present’ swallow his every move he was able to safeguard a nation even though it was infected with tyrannous wolves who only thought for themselves.

Sadly now the human tendencies of allowing memories to fade are at work in full force. The once carved granite memories of planes crashing into our towers, killing our citizens and crippling the nation are being chipped away. Americans everywhere have suppressed the impressions that once stirred such emotion, it’s now becoming politically incorrect to site the past because of the sins that allegedly arose in its name. The world we’re told does not look on us favorably now not because Bush is in office, that is the old mantra, now it is because of our great atrocities and its because of this we have lost our moral standing in the world.

air force one close to bldg thankw 300x224 We have forgottenThe new administration is doing their part as well to bury this indelible mark on America’s history. As admissions of guilt pour out of every orifice of the oval office they work diligently to remake our image and apparently that includes erasing the past or at least cashing in on it. While we all want to look good in photographs the Whitehouse has taken this to a new level. For reasons only known

(Obama’s photo op)

to the Obama administration they flew a new Air Force one jet with military escort over the same skies and buildings that were terrorized 8 short years ago. Calls to 911 flooded the phone banks and panic gripped the city. No one was told of this ‘photo op’ and old nightmares surfaced instantly for so many that lost their loved ones on that tragic day. Visions of people jumping to their deaths to escape the inferno and tons of hot ash filling every crevice of the city jumped back to the painful present for so many people all because of a callous uncaring decision.

sept 11th flag thankw 150x150 We have forgottenThe Obama team has apparently has forgotten or perhaps it never affected them in the first place. How truly sad it is to have leadership so desensitized to what is obviously a defining moment. How truly disheartening is it to have a leader more interested in his image than the need to remember what has galvanized a nation to stand in strength. What a pity he has forgotten but even sader would be, if you have.

Prayer of a righteous man

April 23, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

bush praying thankw 150x150 Prayer of a righteous man1 Timothy 2
I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;

For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;

Perhaps you don’t subscribe to Biblical teaching but the principals in the word are true and it clearly states the we are to pray for our leadership. I don’t think I’m out on any limb here in saying I think they could use it.

By the many letters we’ve received it is obvious that many Americans prayed for George Bush, they saw his faith and courage and gladly went to the God in prayer to give him support in the best way they knew how. In turn, there is no doubt that president Bush humbled himself in prayer for this country and the 1000′s of decisions he had to make. He openly admitted and leaned on his faith and was not afraid to invoke the name of the Lord. This is one of the many things that endeared so many of us to him.

Our current leaders however do not seem too eager to pray or ask God’s blessings and for His wisdom. I wish this were not true. At this point in time our country needs God more than ever and it begins with our leader. He has openly stated he spent 20 years attending one church, his children were baptized there and he listened to the teaching of a man he once described as a role model and a leader.pray button thankw 150x150 Prayer of a righteous man I’d like to think at least some Bible was taught there and perhaps some of the subjects included humble hearts and seeking God in quiet prayer.

There is no easy button to pull us out of the mess we are in as a country but there is a first step. One that Bush took every day is perhaps the step Obama should take maybe for the first time.

Winds of change

April 21, 2009 · Filed Under World Politics · Comment 

insane leaders thankw 150x150 Winds of changeOur society, our government and indeed much of the world is made up of checks and balances. Criminals would rule the streets if there were no police to hinder them and arrest the bad guys they’ve caught. Our elected official’s decisions are designed to be tempered with a system that doesn’t allow for one branch of the government to get too high and mighty.

And what about the world we live in? We have no jurisdiction over China and yet they make many policies and hold back certain actions because they know it may bring negative consequences from the United States or perhaps those in Europe. Russia no longer trounces wherever they please and Germany learned this hard lesson many years ago as well.

Sure these countries still thumb their nose once in awhile or flex their military muscle in a show of strength. Maybe they keep us in balance and reinforce our belief in a strong defense. The point is it works both ways but for many many years the United States of America has been the big dog on the porch. To some in the U.S.A. that’s a bad thing and proves we’re some sort of imperialistic dictatorship forcing our ideas on other countries. In reality every country we’ve helped that was at our mercy, we’ve rebuilt, rearmed and let flourish if they so chose. You can’t name one country that we have committed some sort of coup and taken over lock stock and barrel. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

The winds of change are now blowing.

obama chavez thankw 150x150 Winds of changeWith our new leadership ‘shaking hands’ with the enemy who has NO desire to change, talking with those insane leaders who wish annihilation on entire races of people and letting tiny little despot pirates hold more than a few battleships at bay; it appears we are seceding from the ‘checks and balances system’.

It’s no wonder that these dictators who are rich beyond any Hollywood liberal’s imagination have found new strength. It’s as if in the 12th round of a prize fight the heavy weight champion has lost his desire and refuses to punch as he gets pummeled. These so called leaders live in a cocoon like their liberal brethren as their people starve and live sub standard lives but somehow that’s ok. Now that America has been lulled to sleep and embarrassed by some phony fabricated shame, these self appointed rulers are beginning to pile on us.

love to talk thankw 300x234 Winds of changeInstead of a steady strong leader such as we had with George Bush we have an apology maven who wants to repent and be baptized in the name of the one world order. To do that he must confess his countries sins (which are not his by the way) so that the great church of the monolithic socialites can punish us and have us pay for our transgressions.

Even someone who is not astute in world affairs could tell you that these once ‘held in check’ players on the world stage are now standing up to the weakening giant and boldly taking their shots. They see the lack of resolve and the huge hole in our armor and are no longer afraid.

towers burning thankw 150x150 Winds of changeWas September 11th 2001 that long ago that we have forgotten. Was that blow we took from crazed lunatics so insignificant that we pass it off now as just a bad memory?

Our country didn’t rebound from those 2 towers crashing to the ground and those brave people over Pennsylvania dying by retreating to a corner. It was our willingness to punch back and strike hard against an enemy that has no rules. Are these fanatics we face now any different?

No, the only thing that has changed is our leadership and perhaps for some of us, our willingness to fight.

Who’s in your foxhole?

April 17, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

hatebush button thankw 150x150 Who’s in your foxhole?For eight long years the left in this country railed to anyone who’d listen about the evils of Bush. Mean, hateful, vile and nasty things that would make anyone’s blood boil. Headlines from impartial news journalists were filled with negative after negative. Even if there was no gloom and doom angle in the story they had their way of projecting an outcome that suggested imminent doom because of Bush’s decisions.

I am like millions of Americans who wanted to throw shoes at the TV while listening to the likes of former sportscaster to now vaunted political anchor Keith Olbermann who spews out lies and obvious bias. I wanted to pull my hair out when Dan Rather was caught in a bold faced lie and came out without a scratch. There are literally thousands of instances of gross over the top reporting yet one man remained quiet.

bush knew thankw 150x150 Who’s in your foxhole?Perhaps we can all take a lesson from the courage displayed by our 43rd president in the face of his eight year assault. Maybe we should resolve ourselves to quietly continuing to work and do what’s right as our own neighbors cackle and repeat sound bites with no substance. That is what George Bush did. And no matter how hard he bit his lip and mustered the strength to face his relentless accusers they kept coming. It’s as if they wanted to break him no matter what the cost. They chipped and chiseled looking for that one crack that they could then dig into with a hammer drill of hate.

But ‘W’ did more than show us the virtue of remaining calm in the storm. Make no mistake he fought tooth and nail for our freedoms and to preserve our safe and prosperous homeland. His style and convictions wouldn’t allow him to stoop to the level of white hot hatred and his faith in God gave him the strength that his godless revilers could not break.

art bush and triumphs thankw 150x150 Who’s in your foxhole?His legacy should not only be Iraq or freeing tens of millions of oppressed people. His example and leadership should be remembered because it has inspired the likes of you and I, just humble citizens to lift up our voices and make ourselves heard as a people ready for true change.

This is what leadership is and this is why history will vindicate a man who needs no such validation. These qualities are what people need in a leader and a man without them is only a hollow figure head at best. Love him or hate him he was in your foxhole for eight years and you were glad he was.

Ocala tea party is a huge success

April 15, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · 1 Comment 

Not only the Ocala, FL tea party but tea parties across the nation were a huge success in getting our “taxed enough already” message across the nation and onto the desks of our politicians. I had the pleasure of attending the Ocala tea party on the square here are a few photos.

ocala florida tea party 300x225 Ocala tea party is a huge success

hey barack im baroke 300x225 Ocala tea party is a huge success

chip morris 225x300 Ocala tea party is a huge success

dont tax me bro 300x225 Ocala tea party is a huge success

Boy do I ever miss President Bush

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