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Robin Hood gets a middle man

March 24, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics 

robinhood obama thankw 200x300 Robin Hood gets a middle manThe Obama administration would like nothing better than to have you and I quietly sit back, say nothing and let him dismantle our current system while he builds, creates and raises from the almost dead his brand of political governing.

Some call is socialism others go so far as to say communistic. I really don’t know what the name of his final creation will be but for now let’s call it Sherwood Forestism.

It reminds me of the old story of Robin Hood a local hero to peasants everywhere in Nottinghamshire. His lore grew fast and wide as he and his merry men (other outlaws) would rob from the rich to give to the poor. Fighting tyranny and injustice this Robbing Hood was adored by the poor who were eager to take his ill gotten gains.

The story was originally set in an age where the heavy hand of hostile takeovers and monopoly loomed over governments and businesses. For Robin, it was the same, although what he experienced was the actual restriction of human rights to live. There was no positive clarification but we believe he attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago as well.

So the scene is today, with AIG, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae very similar to that of ‘the hoods’. Our Robin has burst onto the stage and looks to repeat many of the same techniques in hopes that the masses will love him.

Obama has several advantages however that Rob didn’t have. Instead of a sword or a bow staff Barack has his mighty pen and the ability to deceive. While the citizens expressed outrage on the AIG executive’s bonuses, the fed under this president’s watch was busy printing one trillion dollars to pump into the economy. As the dollar plummets gold has risen sharply. Of note, the peasants don’t pay for bread with gold; they’ll be reduced to using more and more dollars for their daily meals. But this new Hood is their hero and so far all is well.

Obama also uses ‘banded outlaws’ to help him in his crusades. It is with their help such crafty legislation and sleight of hand can be carried out all the while disregarding the rule of law and no one is saying a word.

One other difference is that Barak Hood is not content to just take from the rich. His roadway robberies are being extended to those in the middle class as well. When the jobs shrink even further and the money is worth less and less it will be this unintended class that will be his casualties of war and no one else’s. Sir George has left the building.

obama hood and his merry men thankw 300x240 Robin Hood gets a middle manMeanwhile our Knight in shining armor rides off on his trusty steed to an affair of drink and fine dining at the castle.

The U.S. of Nottinghamshire hasn’t always been a place of deceit and corruption. When King George reigned life was a fairer thing and those who worked hard didn’t have to worry about the sting of the rulers decree. Everyone had the same opportunity and it was up to them to improve their lot in life. The peasants used pitch forks to harvest their hay, not long from now when they realize the goodness of Sir George is missed and the new corrupt Hood is in town, they may find other uses for them.


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