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Seeds of hope

September 10, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics 

Head held high and shoulders back you command the faltering crowd
Words are seeds and you plant indeed in the rows that others have plowed

“I am right my, my vision is true, just follow me and you’ll see”
A leader leads but a speaker just speaks which one is it you wish to be?

When words take root and ideas spring up all in the carefully laid row
But no gardeners to tend just backs that won’t bend what will your words have to show?

Weeds creep in and erosion takes hold while your new sprouts strain in the heat
Weeds were seeds too as you allowed them to grow so the blame is laid at your feet

No tools in hand no sweat on your brow your words are just left there to die
The weeds choke words and the ideas are purged and you chastise those who ask why

“This is my garden now, my seeds are cast and we’ll all share in this my brand new crop”
But less is grown and each must now share his own except those who remain at the top

The winter blows cold and the fire is low as we huddle and remember the past
When harvests were good and weeds were few and we all thought that those times would last

Spring time will come and we’ll start again but this time our rows rearrange
Springtime will come for tired souls who thought they needed new hope and new change


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