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Shock and Aw

February 6, 2010 · Filed Under National Politics 

Do you remember how in the Bush administration we were always told how bad unemployment was gonna be? It never was. Or how bad the numbers would be on such and such a day when the reports came out and they never were? The next day after the numbers were released the headlines always said,”Numbers surprisingly above experts predictions.”

picture 3 300x274 Shock and AwThis was all part of the mass coordinated efforts to demean and neutralize one of the nations greatest leaders and to some degree it worked. The media did manage to keep such a steady and loud negative drum beat in the face of the average WORKING citizens and criticized Bush on so many fronts that his poll numbers went very low. Who could blame the people for responding to pollsters this way after being fed a non stop diet of negativity. That never stopped George Bush however, with true leadership and tax cuts he managed to get out of the way of capitalism and the U.S.A had 52 straight months of growth and set all time highs for the most millionaires being created during this time. The media couldn’t deny these things and they waited breathlessly for the next report hoping it would finally give them some real ammo that they wouldn’t have to make up or distort, they were ‘shocked’ with each positive and resorted to ‘Aw’ we’ll get him the next time.

Fast forward to today. The hacks are still in shock but now it’s because all of their predictions have come around and smacked em dead in the face but it’s not by the hands of their hated enemy George Bush. This economy and the downward spiral is at the feet of President Obama and they are scrambling to deflect anything they can away from their anointed leader. Now when reports come out and the news is bad (it has been since Jan 20th 2009) they say things like “oh there’s growth in jobs” even though the numbers DON’T say this and they spin the negative into something rosy using the opposite logic they had to demonize Bush.

The American people aren’t buying this and it’s showing in the polls even without the steady drum beat of Obama sucks in the media, his popularity is waning. Frustrated they have resorted to what they know best, blame Bush. It’s shameful and not at all what the free media is suppose to do but they engage in it without remorse and don’t care much to hide it anymore. Now when the reports come out I’m sure they are still breathless but when they see another goose egg laid by this administration the response is the same word just a different meaning. AW not again.


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