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Dear President Bush,

         It is with the deepest  admiration and highest respect that we, the people, express our gratitude.  For your service over the many years and especially these last eight as our president and as leader of the free world.

          Leaders seldom swim with the stream and are almost always critiqued much harsher than anyone else. The truly great ones however are those who stand firm on their principles and never waiver from the solemn commitments they are entrusted with. You sir are among those great leaders. While  many others of position and power caved as the storm clouds grew on the horizon, you Mr. President stood tall and faced the winds of doubt and uncertainty with your undying belief in the good this world still has to offer.  Often times it must have seemed that you were all alone. That no one person stood with you. Even if that were true you never once flinched in serving those who were now nowhere to be found. With unthankfulness as reward you strove each day to ensure our protection, prosperity and hope for the future. Undaunted and steadfast, your legacy will include the reverance of so many Americans who have come to realize the magnitude of your service.

         We say  thank you  Mr. President. Perhaps not in a way befitting to the level you deserve but maybe in a way that only a nation can. When our children and our grand children ask us about those periolous times and how we made it through. We can simply smile and say, “Thank W”.

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  1. 2151
    John Jameson Says:

    Thank you GW,

    You are an outstanding person and President.
    You dont know what you had until it is gone.
    Thank you for fighting for our freedoms.
    Please help us fight again, the Progressives
    are hell bent in destorying this country.

  2. 2152
    Elisheva Marquis Says:

    Dear Mr. President,
    My family and I have never doubted any of the President’s policies throughout both terms. We are grateful that the President kept our country safe from any attacks for seven years and that throughout both terms, America may have been hated but we never submitted or groveled. Most importantly, when the President spoke, it was with pride and love in our country, it combined all of the courageous and righteous victories of the past and with all of the dreams of future. It made me proud to call America home. Thank you.

  3. 2153
    Cheryl Van Vorous Says:

    Mr. President,

    Thank you for your service. The patriots of this country miss you and spoke loudly during the recent election. I admire your integrity and your refusal to criticize others. Too bad the current administration lacks that class. One hallmark of a real man is one who accepts responsibiity for his own actions. Thanks again for being a real man.

  4. 2154
    Mary Cisko Says:

    Mr. President, I am grateful to you for how honorably you served this country. I so admire you and Mrs. Bush. Love your Mom, Dad and Jeb, too! In my house, I have a constant reminder of the greatest president in my lifetime….I named my Yorkshire Terrier “Dubya” after you. Just like you, he faithfully protects me as though his life depends on it! Thank you for 8 great years in which you served this nation just like that.

  5. 2155
    Ellen Dickinson Says:

    What Elisheva Marquis said above! Thanks, Mr. President!

  6. 2156
    Randy Palmer Says:

    Thank You Mr. President..

  7. 2157
    Aaron Yeargan Says:

    Thank you Sir! All the best from my family to yours.

  8. 2158
    Joseph Patton Says:

    Dear President Bush,
    As a 21 year military veteran still serving in Afghanistan, I want to thank you for your total devotion to our troops. After struggling through the Clinton years, often having to cancel training due to shortage of funding, you told us that help was on the way. You identified our needs and provided them to us with speed previously unknown in the military. Sadly, we are starting to suffer as before, to include the lowest pay raise since the end of the Vietnam conflict. Additionally, it was extremely refreshing to follow a true leader who led from his gut and his heart, not by the polls. You sir are a hero and a patriot and I am proud to say you were my Commander in Chief. Thank you!

  9. 2159
    Mike Heflin Says:

    Thank you President Bush! Don’t think for one second that we don’t know who is truly responsible for bringing Bin Laden to justice. You never wavered from your convictions sir and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

  10. 2160
    Alissa Vander Veen Says:

    Thank you Mr. President, what your strong will and steadfast resolve has done for this country will never be forgotten. Thank you for doing what was right even when it was unpopular. We are a nation that is sincerely grateful.

  11. 2161
    Anne Remmely Says:

    Dear President Bush,
    Words cannot express my admiration and thanks for you.
    To this day, when I see your image any where (TV, Internet, etc.) I am filled with pride over this brilliant man of integrity that lead our country.
    I so wish you were still sitting in the White House!
    I earnestly pray that our dear Lord blesses you and your entire family above and beyond all you could ask or think.

  12. 2162
    Renee Says:

    Dear President Bush,

    I felt SO much safer with you at the helm!!! Thank you for being such a strong leader. It was truly an honor to have voted for you.

  13. 2163
    Diane Sheafor Says:

    Dear President Bush,

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for this country in the 8 years you served as President. You were such a strength to our country during the time of the September 11th attacks, and you showed compassion and love for others and a deep love for this country. You fulfilled your commitments you made and were always full of honesty and integrity. I have grown up with you as President, as I was 12 when you were sworn into office. Thank you so much again, and it would be an honor to meet you some day.


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