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One solemn step

September 16, 2009 · Filed Under World Politics 

In a quiet and unsung move president Obama has taken his first Presidential step since taking office January 2009. No major fan fare or speeches with war on terrorism logos on the back drop. With just a signature on a document Obama set into motion helicopters and guns with one goal in mind, the death of a man. This action was never anticipated by either political party and most assuredly it was the last thing on terrorist Saleh Ali Nabhans mind.

Who could have ever thought that our current commander in chief who champions the liberal mindset would have ever personally condemned a man to death but now there is no denying that this mans end of life came with Obamas blessing.

Nabhan is believed to have been behind the 1998 attacks on U.S. emabassies in Kenya and Tanzania and also is the reported mastermind of the resort hotel bombing in Mombasa 2002 as well as a failed rocket attack on an Israeli airliner. An officer of the al Qaeda network it is not reported as yet if he leaves any family behind.

President Obama, welcome to the presidency of the United States of America. It is these types of decisions that only a few chosen men are charged to make and you sir have made your first. I don’t believe you will be treated with the same distain as your predecessor and as of this writing there seems only to be the fan fare of a few blogs and the talk radio which you despise. No voices even in these venues seem to be overly critical and there are no plans for congressional hearings and talks of war crimes. You sir by your action, forethought and with deliberate conscience have decided that a man should die.

It is a heavy decision that any leader has to make to send men and women into harms way with the only goal of ending the life of those we deem our enemy. Saleh Ali Nabhan has no further part of anything under the sun, no thought work or deed. He was not afforded the chance to face the blind eyes of justice and only waits for his day to meet his maker where divine judgement will be meted out.

This step was yours President Barack Hussein Obama and yours alone. With it you have saved lives but you may never meet or know who it is that will benefit from your decision. The hardest decisions are always the loneliest and come with the most weight. Perhaps you have gleaned some modicum of grandeur from President Bush who was faced with thousands of these in his 8 years. It seems at least for now you will escape the cruel scrutiny that Bush dealt with but the heaviness cannot be escaped. The death of any man is not to be taken lightly even those who are confirmed terrorists.

So you sir have come to this conclusion and may need to decide other similar actions as well. I pray to God for wisdom for you and that you continue to stand strong in the face of our enemies. When those long nights come you only need to look back one administration for the example of a leader who stood strong in his convictions and moral direction for an example. If you gain nothing else from recent history this is something you should not ignore and with todays threats that abound, it’s something I’m sure you’ll need.


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    arizona health insurance Says:

    This country is far from beaten. What the brit hasn’t seen is the sleeping anger that american citizens build just before they put their boots on and go to kicking. Our government has foolishly tested those lines this time and it won’t be forgotten.

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