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A Thankful Heart

March 11, 2009 · Filed Under Citizens Profile · Comment 

chris army thankw 206x300 A Thankful HeartDear President Bush:

Thank you, sir, for standing strong in the battle; for fighting the good fight and reaching for the prize of freedom. You have been an amazing role model to our children. A model of decency, morality, integrity and strength. Our son was a proud member of the U.S. Army as Special Ops and served in Iraq for two years. Your compassion and concern for our men and women in the service was something that touched our hearts deeply! When you spoke of their sacrifice and thanked them for their service, the pride you felt was transfered into our hearts. When the tears welled up in your eyes we knew you sincerely cared about their very lives and the incredible sacrifice they were making. Thank you for standing with our son and the many, many other soldiers who stood up for America and for our freedom. Making sure that our country remained terriorist free. Thank you for making sure terriorists knew that under no uncertain terms we will not lie down and allow them to enter our country with violence, killing our people. Our family is extremely grateful for the honor you brought to the office of President and to our country. I am disgusted how all of our financial woes are being attributed to you by the Democrats. Any economist will tell you that this recession began at least twenty years ago. I am sorry if your feelings were ever hurt. I rest in knowing that years from now you will be remembered as one of our most compassionate, caring and honorable presidents. I deeply respect how much you stood for what you believed was right and stood by those beliefs which were only confirmed through much prayer. Your faith inspired my own family’s faith and we strongly stood by you through the past eight years. We would do gladly do it again! I know you’ve had some horrible mud slung at you and certainly you have been the brunt of many jokes but please know there are millions of Americans who are very proud of you and admire you. epcot 019 thankw 300x225 A Thankful HeartOur family is one of those families. It breaks my heart to continually hear these things. We were surely blessed as a country to have had you and your gracious wife, Laura, on our side for the past eight years. I wish I could say this present administration truly cares about us as you so tenderly did but we keep our government and country in daily prayer. God is in control and will lead us in the right direction. Thank you for opening your heart to His and leading us in His purposes for this country. Many, many thanks to you and Laura for the outstanding service you gave to America over the past eight years. May the Lord guide and guard your path as you live out your future in His care. May His angels watch over your family and shower you with His grace!!! God bless you and Laura, Mr. President wherever He may lead you. You have made an extremely positive impact on our world and left footprints of honor on the United States for many years to come. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT!!!!

Hello Dolly

March 10, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

superman and obama thankw Hello DollyIn August of 2001 President Bush took to the airwaves for the first prime time address to the nation. Although back then the ‘blogosphere’ didn’t really exist (perhaps it was in its embryonic stage) the mainstream media was still king, full to the brim of speculation and the anticipated outrage was very evident.

At issue was federally funded stem cell research which at the time was itself just theory with little to show in the way of results. The ban wasn’t on the research itself per se just on the funding part of the equation.

President Bush was having none of the “destroy life to save life” agenda and he eloquently stated his case. Later in 2006 his emphatically used his veto pen when it came up again.

From there we had further dust ups with the likes of Michael J. Fox who admitted not taking his medication before he addressed congress and when Rush Limbaugh commented on it all hell broke loose. Much was also made for the case of stem cell research by the late actor Christopher Reeves. His condition tugged at all our hearts and his words carried a lot of weight. This didn’t make the moral stand against the use of embryos any easier to say the least.

The issue has never been (but it quickly turned) to not do the research. Just that tax payer dollars would not go toward the funding of this type of testing. At the heart of it was the morality of killing life for the sake of science. Science that had not up to that point produced any tangible results only hope.

Enter Obama; after all he is our ‘hope and change’ president. With one wave of his very expensive pen he reversed the 8 year ban on federal funds and suddenly the clouds have broken and the lame shall walk again. Actually nothing could be further than the truth.

Great strides have been made in the last 8 years in stem cell research but without having to use embryos to do it. Scientist say skin cells actually show more promise in helping those with Parkinson’s disease and other debilitating conditions. Bush never said research couldn’t be done just that there were other ways and tax payer dollars were not going to fund the use of the controversial embryonic research.
While everyone was so quick to jump on President Bush for his backward Neanderthal thinking it looks like time proves him right once again. Professor Ian Wilmut may not be a household name but ‘Dolly’ the cloned sheep is.
dolly the sheep thankw 300x215 Hello DollyDolly was the first ‘cloned sheep’ and her segregate father was Wilmut back in 1997. Wilmut has now abandoned all previous techniques and is looking to stem cells made from skin claiming that is where the most promise is.

I’m not a rocket scientist or a doctor but it seems to me that when the likes of Professor Wilmut and others who have made such progress using skin cells and not an embryo to get such promising results. Why would the science community be so happy to sweep that aside and start from square one? If it’s not a political decision then I can think of no other answer.

Obama has stepped across a moral line which gives us more insight as to where he stands and perhaps more about the direction he wants to go. He is being lauded by scientist who will benefit greatly by this decision regardless if they show any results.

George Bush stood on his morals and didn’t back down to the elitist and I for one think he deserves the more credit because he challenged our brightest minds and they did not disappoint us.

No polls required

March 8, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

In the old days TV shows would sometimes use the audience to pick contestant winners. It was a subjective method of course but 99% of the time there was no question who the viewers liked better.

In today’s technologically advanced world we are told what we think and by how much more we think it than the other guy. I’ve never been polled nor has anyone I know. Still all the smart people on the tube rely on these techniques and come to their conclusions based on all kinds of polls.

Here is a fine example why we should maybe rethink this whole poll business. America’s finest brave men and women, those who are actually putting it all on the line tell us what they are thinking in no uncertain terms. Perhaps this is why George Bush was able to stand so courageously while those around him, friends and foe alike just melted.

You can Thank him yourself here.

Grace under pressure

March 6, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

clinton early years Grace under pressureHave you ever noticed how a president looks when he enters office and how they do leaving? In the beginning he may be handsome and somewhat youthful looking. As they leave it’s an entirely different story. It’s obvious by their face they have seen much of the darkness of this world and felt the pressures of critical actions.
Imagine its 3 am and your phone rings or there’s a knock on the door. Think back to when you were a student and your name is called over the loud speaker to “come to the office”. clinton end of term 150x150 Grace under pressure
You would know immediately that it was not good news, No illusions of the ‘prize patrol’ that you’re a big winner. No sense of excitement as you wonder what it is that waits. No, instead it’s a deep pit that forms in your stomach as thoughts of family or close friends rush through your mind. Whole scenarios blaze by at lightning speed and they are all complete in nature and full of fearful detail.
We’ve all been in this situation to some degree. Sometimes the news is devastating and all our fears are suddenly realized. Others times the news is something else entirely and the huge wave of relief is almost as overwhelming.
Fortunately for most of us these episodes are far and few between. We live our daily lives with each 24 hour period much like the last and no real expectations of the next to be any different. Stress comes most for the average person when his daily routine is anything but. It’s when our regular activity is altered that we are put under pressure and forced to handle it. Usually it’s moving to a new area, job changes, loved one dies, divorce or any of a myriad of things that can upset the balance we try so hard to keep. Not to be confused with daily stressors, these events that we face from time to time ‘define’ a man or woman and so many times it also lets you know who your true friends are. If each day were filled with these kinds of challenges, our life expectancy might not be so high and you’d be grey at 21.

President Bush definitely had his share of things to handle during his eight years. In fact very few presidents had as much let alone more. While his visage did change like all presidents and at first blush one might make the argument that his years of service got the better of him. Nothing could be further than the truth. Bush’s challenges started early and were compounded with intense media scrutiny. Bush’s 8 years were filled with agonizing, world changing, crucial problems that needed action such as natural disasters, stem cell research, reforming social security, Supreme Court justice appointments, Iraq, Iran, South Korea and its nuclear ambitions and on and on. While the same could be said of others who have gone before one thing changed it all.

September 11th, was that moment, it was from there that Bush made his most crucial decision. Protect America and all that is in her. This meant new thinking and different decisions that the media and some in the world did not like. At first it seemed everybody was on board and rallied behind our flag but it only took a few short weeks for those who diametrically opposed him anyway to begin sniping and spreading seeds of doubt. If Bush was ever a poll watcher, now was the time to ignore them and he did. If Bush was ever a man of faith now was the time to lean on it, he did so unabashedly.

Now the decisions were about invading Afghanistan, the Iraq war, dealing with enemy combatants as prisoners, the Patriot Act and so many more. I’m sure his phone rang more than just at 3 am and I’m equally sure that he dreaded making those calls to loved ones of fallen soldiers: But George Bush held steadfast and made the tough decisions, he did not back down in the face of the enemy nor from his critics.

No doubt he experienced the pit in his stomach and agonizing nights of thinking and re thinking. President Bush handled the office of President with dignity and honor while putting the world on notice that ‘we are Americans’ and cannot be vanquished by fear.

compassion in action thankw 300x158 Grace under pressureOur hope and strength is intact because George W. Bush guided us through some of the toughest times we’ve ever faced. It is because he stood, that we took a stand and with his leadership we overcame. With Bush at the helm our fears were set aside allowing us to regain our confidence and to stand together united as a people for freedom and liberty for all.
It would be terrible to forget this yet it has happened to a great degree in such a short time. People have forgotten how close we came to losing a great many freedoms and the comforts of living in America. Perhaps that’s a testament to how great a job Bush actually did, allowing us to get back to our stressful little worlds living out our 24 hour periods just one at a time.

President Bush goes on tour

February 28, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

bush portraight 220x300 President Bush goes on tourBeginning March 17th our 43rd President will begin a speaking tour in Alberta Canada. Other locations include Europe and Asia. Ten total in the next year with a plan to do more. Dubbed “A conversation with George W. Bush” he will share his thoughts on the last eight years.

An excerpt from the Washington’s Speakers Bureau on line catalog describes it this way:

“President George W. Bush served in the Oval Office for eight of the most consequential years in American history. Faced with challenges from a terrorist attack to a global financial crisis, he made difficult decisions that will shape the nation’s course and world affairs for decades to come. His leadership after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, was an inspiration to millions of Americans. His policies, while controversial at times, kept the country safe for more than seven years and liberated more than 50 million people from tyranny.

“Working with leaders in Congress and elsewhere, President Bush also raised standards and accountability in public education, added a prescription drug benefit to Medicare that helped more than 40 million beneficiaries, improved air quality and made America’s energy supply more secure, designated more ocean area habitats for environmental protection than any predecessor, launched historic efforts to fight HIV/AIDS and malaria in Africa, and strengthened America’s relationships with strategically important nations like India, China and Japan. He shares with audiences candid insights on his eight years in the White House, his experiences with other world leaders, the nature of public leadership and decision making, and a wide variety of domestic and international issues.”

This tour promises to be enlightening to say the least and President Bush is already at work on his first book after leaving office. President Bush has always held the highest respect for the office and for that reason I believe he never resorted to ‘the blame game’ or slinging mud. Citizen Bush however is not bound by such and hopefully will dispel many of the false and misleading criticism laid at his feet.
We at thankw.com can’t wait until the tour comes state side and hope you do too. It’ll be a great opportunity to thank him personally for the years of prayer, sacrifice and commitment. In the meantime please join us as we offer our gratitude in a simple but direct way.Sign the letter and post a comment showing George Bush how you feel.

Jack Bauer and George Bush

February 25, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

24 logo thankw Jack Bauer and George Bush is a mega hit TV show that has captivated audiences quite literally worldwide. There are ‘24’ web sites, blogs, shows that go behind the scenes, conferences, interviews galore and don’t forget, if you miss any episodes you can get the DVD’s at the end of the season so you can relive every moment.
I’ll admit I resisted the show for the first couple seasons. I remember Rush Limbaugh going on and on about it but I could never get past the commercials advertising the show. It was always “the virus” this and “the virus” that, yelling and screaming; I think I’d rather watch American Idol. This year however I started watching with my son and I’m amazed at how glued I’ve become. Which got me to thinking.
What makes this weekly hour long show so popular? I mean by all accounts this program should be banned. You have Jack Bauer, who is the star constantly going over the line. When Jack shows up someone always seems to die, gets tortured or has his civil rights, shall we say, ‘infringed’. He’s a nonstop gun pulling, karate chopping, conniving, threatening man. He uses lives to get what he wants and what he wants is to get the job done that he was assigned, no matter the cost. Last week he had an agent hold a man’s wife and child at gun point threatening to kill them if he didn’t get answers. The man was visibly shaken and gave bits of info but in the end died. Jack killed him in self defense of course. This week Jack had an innocent lady who was mixed up with a bad guy help him in a sting operation, she died adding to the long list of those unfortunate ones who crossed his path. His not so willing partner is a FBI agent who in the beginning chastises him for his techniques but soon see’s the results and even defends the methods to her boss who is all about the rule of law and Habeas corpus.
So I’ll ask again; what makes this show so popular when ALL the world abhors this kind of behavior? Where are the marchers in the street with puppet heads of Jack Bauer? Why aren’t the producers brought before congress as the happy press snaps thousands of photos’s hoping for that glum or angry look?
These kinds of action were never tolerated from our C.I.A. or F.B.I. and chants of criminal prosecution have risen all the way to the top calling for George Bush’s impeachment along with charges of war crimes. Water boarding, torture, sleep depravity and playing the ‘Barney’ song for hours on end were all deemed way out of bounds by the masses. The media fanned the flames with daily exposes and ‘investigative journalism.’ More credence was placed on the accused, (al Qaeda detainees) stories than those who would up hold our flag. OK, you want to talk Abu Ghraib? Fine, you want to say that came from higher up than just the guards who we all saw in the pictures? Great, then let’s apply that same logic to the housing market with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If we go higher there won’t we find Barney Frank? Mortgages bad? How about Chris Dodd wasn’t he the higher up? Tax system a little screwy, oh there’s good ol Charlie Rangle. Funny how they don’t seem to be worried about congressional investigations much, no puppets on a stick that I see.
thankw 43 209x300 Jack Bauer and George BushLook, I may not be the sharpest pencil but at least I know I’m a # 2 so I can officially fill in the answers on the state mandated ‘SAT’s’ test. It just seems odd to me that we glorify the hero’s on TV who fictitiously save the world all the while we castigate the brave men and women who actually have stopped real plots and saved countless lives. I thank God for leaders like George Bush and his nonstop defense of the freedom we all enjoy today.
As for my original question, “what makes this show so popular?” I don’t have the answer,by all rights the world should loathe it. Perhaps you can help me out.


February 15, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · 1 Comment 

president george w bush and baseball 2 thankw 300x130 SafePresident Bush is a huge fan of baseball. He could often be seen throwing out the first pitch on opening day. A long tradition with U.S. presidents which he was happy to carry on. Bush loves the game and is an avid baseball card collector. George Bush is the only president to have played little league and is the former owner of the Texas Rangers. Although Clinton was the first to get the ball from the mound to the plate, no one had better form than George W. Bush.

“I don’t know how I fell in love with baseball, I just loved to play it. Everyone who loves baseball can remember the first time he saw the inside of a real major league park with real big-league players. It stays with you forever – the greenness of the grass, the sight of major leaguers in uniform, the sound of a big-league swing meeting a big-league pitch.”

It’s no surprise to me that George Bush loves the ‘All American Game’. Baseball and apple pie, simplicity, get out there and get the job done. That’s what we all saw in Bush and he is as down to earth as you can get. Americans tend to appreciate such qualities in a leader.
That’s also why it was no surprise that after the attacks of 9-11 our president, took to the mound as our team captain and without hesitating, threw a strike. Americans everywhere knew this was a new era, an opening day of a game we could not afford to lose. The towers were already down and hidden dangers loomed everywhere but we knew when he took to the field. We were ‘safe’.

Wednesday is ‘W’ appreciation day

February 11, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

We here at thankw.com would thank Mr. Chip Morris and Mr.PC of the Drive Time Happy Hour radio show. In fact it was their show that sparked the idea for thankw.
Chip and PC fill the airways every afternoon from 3 till 6 with conservative thoughts, sanity, morals and uncommon common sense. Sprinkled with zany callers and razor wit makes it the funniest show you’ll find either on the radio or streaming on the web.
Each day is a treat but Wednesday is one of the more popular. ‘Whack job Thursday’ is a close 2nd. You see, Wednesday is ‘W’ appreciation day. Everyone who calls on that day has to begin their rant or comment by saying something good about President George W. Bush. If they don’t they just might hear a dial tone. ‘Lefties’ as PC calls them squirm a bit but eventually muster out, oh, something insignificant like “ok, he’s kept us safe for 7 ½ years”. Undoubtedly the next word is always ‘but’ and they back peddle like crazy to undo the truth that’s so foreign to their lips. The rest of the callers always seem to give heartfelt insight as they praise a man whom they’ve never met but who has touched their lives in such a personal way.
bush hugging young girl after 9 11 thankw Wednesday is ‘W’ appreciation dayGeorge Bush is not perfect but it is in that imperfection we find his deep caring, humbleness, courage to stand and willingness to serve. There is something so wonderfully human about George Bush that we all can identify with; we have cried with him, laughed with him, worked and stood with him, raised mighty fists united with him against the tyranny that would destroy us. We have prayed with him and believed in the goodness of mankind and the power in truth and right. These are things we did as imperfect people because one man cared enough to stand. Everyday should ‘W’ appreciation day but for now I look forward to Wednesdays.
Won’t you join us as we offer a small token of thanks.
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Thank You President Bush

George W. Bush: The Patriot

February 6, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

george w bush thankw1 150x150 George W. Bush: The Patriot

How might history judge our 43rd President? Give it 20 years and it will be with thanks, respect, and gratitude. Those against George Bush, may have their “one liners” with no valid informational backing, but where will they be in 20 years? Maybe thinking about how good they had it back just 20 years ago. Now of course they would never give President Bush credit, but does anyone who reads “the big book of Bushisms” have anything good to say?

History will be kind to our 43rd President just as it was to our 40th President Ronald Reagan. Famous for “tear down that wall” and a prosperous economy President Reagan was also judged under a high powered microscope. It wasn’t until the end of Reagan’s presidency that his approvals ratings pushed 63+ matching and exceeding that of John F. Kennedy.

Job’s were created, not lost under the Bush administration, taxes were cut, and the DOW Jones hit an all time high of 14,164 points.

The day after Obama was inaugurated the stock market declined 330 points. Quite the CHANGE.

To this I say Thank you President Bush

Illegal Procedure

February 5, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · 1 Comment 

bush working thankw1 201x300 Illegal ProcedureI always wondered why the press would hound George Bush so on whether or not “he made any mistakes.” They seemed relentless and used every trick in the book to trip him up, yet he wouldn’t say. In his exit he did acknowledge a few but they still seem to need more. Perhaps to validate some perceived failings while they begrudgingly throw some credit his way. Maybe they can’t concieve of a man who would stay so steadfast and unmovable on what he believes is right. Those kinds of morals tend to drive the liberal left nuts.
The truth of the matter may be pretty simple and way too boring for this elitist pack of wolves. Bush was right. He wasn’t backing down from his convictions regardless of how wrong it all seemed at the time.

Just look at his accomplishments that were at one time called mistakes.
Iraq–I believe they just voted for the 2nd time and all the smart people are saying we Won!
Tax Cuts– If you’re in the 10% range would you like to be in the 15%? You will be if they go away.
No child left behind– Scores are up and finally there are consequences for failing schools.
52 weeks of uninterrupted job growth–Not bad considering he inherited a recession from Clinton and had Sept.11th to deal with.

Still the media is not satisfied and would like you to be unsettled as well. You shouldn’t have this love and admiration for a man who doesn’t speak well, who gets dirt under his finger nails on a ‘ranch’; who is this man to connect to the common folk? You people are suppose to believe everything we shovel your way. He’s made mistakes by God and we’re either going to expose them or just make them up! and don’t you dare question us!

Perhaps Obama should’ve ‘watched some film’ on Bush like a football team does BEFORE the big game. He may have seen the tendencies of a confident,courageous man standing by his convictions and that the cold bitter winds of favor are harshest when you turn your head around. He might have picked up on the stoic way in which a leader leads without regard to the rabid fanatics on every side. Doing your laundry in public is not such a great idea and it won’t cleanse you in the eyes of the great unwashed. It creates weakness and weakness creates fear. Enemies see that, opponents smell it. Defeat is the end result.
Only two weeks in and Obama is starting to look unfit, not up to the task at hand, 2nd string at best. Not good when you’re the leader of the free world.
610x1 300x199 Illegal Procedure
If Obama is to succeed he’d be wise to look at what his predecessor has done and quitely imitate him. Take the ball and make good decisions, move down field. Penalties will stop any drive so play inside yourself. You haven’t won the game yet, you haven’t even scored. It’s a long hard game with no trophies in the end, barely a pat on the back. It’s the same enemies and wolves you face as Bush did. It’s 2nd down and 20 now.
This is where the playbook gets a little thin.

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