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Miss him? We LOVE him! We love Dubya!

March 11, 2010 · Filed Under Uncategorized · Comment 

picture 9 300x226 Miss him? We LOVE him! We love Dubya!There are so many things I could list that the American people found endearing about George W. Bush, things that we the people could relate to and had in common. From the nicknames he gave to many of his closest advisors, the times he bravely held back genuine tears that showed us he truly cared. Many even laughed out loud when he would stumble on words or simply make up new ones. That to most was no indictment of his intelligence as some would rail about but it reminded us of that he was human, not so polished and rigid. There was the the time when he took the mound in a world series baseball game right after 9/11 and completely captivated the world as he stood there as our leader, our man of hope. We rallied because he stood, our confidence was emboldened and our spirits lifted because one man stood on a tiny dirt mound and then threw a pitch that hit it’s mark.

For those that paid attention to politics in his two terms Bush got things done despite the odds. Critics were constantly amazed at his accomplishments even without his party being the majority. Those same critics were often befuddled by this ‘cowboy’ and despite their coordinated efforts to derail him he simply pressed on with a resolve and demeanor that the American people watched and couldn’t help but admire. Sure the non stop negativity and name calling, constant reviling and lies took their toll because many people are so busy living there lives that a 30 second sound bite serves as a full nights study of the issues. The steady diet of lying to the American people worked only to fuel the hatred of the already hateful but also swayed the opinions of those who regurgitated the sour food they were fed in conversations and in polling.

Now that Dubya is out of office however and the drum beat has skipped some beats, the reality of having a lesser man at the helm is sinking in and people are starting to remember. “Things weren’t so bad when ol George was around.” There were jobs and businesses were flourishing and hope was around every corner. You can hear it in the awakening view points and what was once a small whisper at the water cooler is now a proud proclamation, “I MISS DUBYA!”

As time passes on and the future erodes into a blackening sky of despair voices that haven’t changed but were only muffled because of fear are growing louder. People who were convinced that we were in ruin during his time are suddenly seeing that we weren’t so bad off after all and they too are opining for the days when a genuine leader ran our country and provided us safety and hope.

Miss him? Sure we do but the time is coming when many more will speak out and stand up for the man who never asked for anything from us except our prayers and to pursue the American dream. The time will come when those that say they missed him will go one step further and tell the world they loved his leadership and loved the man as a brother, as one of them. They love Duyba.