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Obama loses again

March 21, 2010 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

Let’s see, the Olympic bid for Chicago, climate change agreement in Copenhagen, winter Olympic hockey game BET and last years NCAA bracket was a dog and now this year Obamas pick to win it all goes down in defeat. It also seems that no matter who he endorses or flies into town to campaign for loses too. Everything this president touches goes to hell in a hand basket. I’m sure I left some things out but this guys record in less than a year is dismal and his approval rating is right there with it. Oh he did win one thing, the Nobel Peace prize was given to him BEFORE he even did anything to earn it which also came with a million dollar plus check which he was reported as saying he’d give to charity. Does anybody know which charity or did he give it at all? I may have missed it but I’d think with this lap dog sycophant media vaunting the very ground he walks on would have had a one hour special on CNN had he donated the money. Since they’ve been silent, I’ll take that to mean it’s sitting in a nice account somewhere or with a buddy who is investing it and it will magically be 12 or 15 million at the end of his one and only term. How nice.

We can’t afford a losing hand in America right now but it seems that this is all we’ve been getting. This president is too wrapped up in his beer and his sports to pay even the minimum amount of attention to the real issues that face us all. What a difference just one man makes, I guess he was right about one thing, I believe we’re changing.

I miss W.