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The honeymoon is over

March 28, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

Recent polls indicate President Obama’s approval rating is going down. This is interesting to me; is it because Americans were promised houses and full gas tanks? Can it be that since we didn’t get instant satisfaction we are disappointed?

Obama seemed to want our expectations tempered when he knew he had the job but there was no shortage of quick fix talk when he was on the campaign trail. So either way these are his polls, he owns them and can’t blame the lagging confidence on Bush.

obama pumping gas thankw 300x223 The honeymoon is overWhile I agree we are a society of instant gratification, the majority of us are not stupid and when we have our president laughing and ‘punch drunk’ about our crisis situation (his words not mine) we may have reason for pause. When the leader of the free world is spending every Wednesday night frolicking with the privileged in an all night dance party those of us without our rent money may seem a bit miffed and rightfully so. When our commander and chief who spent so much time and effort letting us know he was going to pull us out of Iraq turns around and announces ‘surge II’ in Afghanistan we might begin to wonder. Speaking of Iraq, his budget touted huge savings we could count on with our withdrawal, with his ‘stimulus’ however we are now in debt 8 or 9 times greater than the cost of this conflict and that’s not counting his Afghanistan strategy.

The honeymoon is over and the pressure and responsibility of our concerns are squarely on president Barack Hussein Obama. Only 2 months in and Americans are wondering if he gets it. Sure there are those who care more about his March madness brackets and whether or not Michelle will be wearing purple or ruby red to tonight’s big gala but those are the elitists who could care less about you or me anyway. Well that’s not fair or entirely true, there are those who are still waiting and hoping on disasters edge that Obama makes good on his promises that swayed their votes (as if they’d be swayed regardless) and still there are those who will not admit they were wrong to place such a man with no experience in this, the world’s highest office.

hope posters torn thankw 300x210 The honeymoon is overYou’re on the internet now, poke around, do you see all the banner ads asking you to vote, “Do you think Obama was a mistake?” “Do you wish you didn’t vote for Obama?” How’d they get up there if he was doing such a grand job?

Americans are waking up to this marriage and it’s like we’ve spotted this huge ugly mole that we didn’t see when we were dating, or those quirky relatives we could put up with for an hour or so at get a together have now moved in and are sharing your bathroom.

Obama did carry us across the threshold and we are in his care for the next 4 years; but it’s as if he hit our head on the door jam and then dropped us on the floor. The love is fading fast and no amount of teleprompter speeches are going to fill your hybrids and pay your home loan just one more month to keep the government controlled banks from seizing your castles away from you.

The next 4 years are going to be very difficult indeed, even as Obama has said. Not for the same reasons he has stated but for his out of touch grandioso plan of a socialized European style living we’ll all be forced to adopt and live with.

For those of you coming to this realization and for those who will come later when the pain is too great. We welcome you and encourage you to Thank W, get involved and see if we can’t right these wrongs the next time we get a chance. Not that we’re keeping track mind you.

Obama on Leadership

March 25, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

“The goal of many leaders is to get people to think more highly of the leader.

The goal of a great leader is to help people think more highly of themselves.”

-John Maxwell

obama leadership Obama on Leadership

A man is known by his actions
Proverbs 21:8 TLB

Thank you President Bush for your leadership.

Robin Hood gets a middle man

March 24, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

robinhood obama thankw 200x300 Robin Hood gets a middle manThe Obama administration would like nothing better than to have you and I quietly sit back, say nothing and let him dismantle our current system while he builds, creates and raises from the almost dead his brand of political governing.

Some call is socialism others go so far as to say communistic. I really don’t know what the name of his final creation will be but for now let’s call it Sherwood Forestism.

It reminds me of the old story of Robin Hood a local hero to peasants everywhere in Nottinghamshire. His lore grew fast and wide as he and his merry men (other outlaws) would rob from the rich to give to the poor. Fighting tyranny and injustice this Robbing Hood was adored by the poor who were eager to take his ill gotten gains.

The story was originally set in an age where the heavy hand of hostile takeovers and monopoly loomed over governments and businesses. For Robin, it was the same, although what he experienced was the actual restriction of human rights to live. There was no positive clarification but we believe he attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago as well.

So the scene is today, with AIG, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae very similar to that of ‘the hoods’. Our Robin has burst onto the stage and looks to repeat many of the same techniques in hopes that the masses will love him.

Obama has several advantages however that Rob didn’t have. Instead of a sword or a bow staff Barack has his mighty pen and the ability to deceive. While the citizens expressed outrage on the AIG executive’s bonuses, the fed under this president’s watch was busy printing one trillion dollars to pump into the economy. As the dollar plummets gold has risen sharply. Of note, the peasants don’t pay for bread with gold; they’ll be reduced to using more and more dollars for their daily meals. But this new Hood is their hero and so far all is well.

Obama also uses ‘banded outlaws’ to help him in his crusades. It is with their help such crafty legislation and sleight of hand can be carried out all the while disregarding the rule of law and no one is saying a word.

One other difference is that Barak Hood is not content to just take from the rich. His roadway robberies are being extended to those in the middle class as well. When the jobs shrink even further and the money is worth less and less it will be this unintended class that will be his casualties of war and no one else’s. Sir George has left the building.

obama hood and his merry men thankw 300x240 Robin Hood gets a middle manMeanwhile our Knight in shining armor rides off on his trusty steed to an affair of drink and fine dining at the castle.

The U.S. of Nottinghamshire hasn’t always been a place of deceit and corruption. When King George reigned life was a fairer thing and those who worked hard didn’t have to worry about the sting of the rulers decree. Everyone had the same opportunity and it was up to them to improve their lot in life. The peasants used pitch forks to harvest their hay, not long from now when they realize the goodness of Sir George is missed and the new corrupt Hood is in town, they may find other uses for them.

Obama’s Red Herring

March 23, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

In the mid 1800′s British fugitives on the run would rub a red herring across their trail in an attempt to throw off the pursuing bloodhounds.

We find this philosophy is still greatly used in todays politics. As many of us are still unaware the Fed just paid itself 1 Trillion dollars. How might you ask? They printed it!

Glenn Beck explains it best.

In situations like this I wonder what W would have done? I’m sure he would have made the decision that was best for our country in the long-term not just looking for a short-term fix.

Thank you George Bush

Obama has created life

March 20, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

teleprompter thankw 300x240 Obama has created lifeIts official, Obama has created life. Not a protozoa or single cell amoeba, no this thing talks, thinks, plays practical jokes, has his own web site and even travels the country giving speeches to the masses.

The messiah is truly amazing and is worthy of all praise.

I think I’d rather Thank George Bush.

Obama in the St. Patty’s day spirit

March 17, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

green white house fountains thankwcom 300x216 Obama in the St. Pattys day spirit In order to celebrate St. Patty’s day President Obama has dyed the fountains outside of the white house green. Where might he get such an idea or the materials to do so?

The U.S Treasury of course! Due to the high volume of money coming off the press the treasury had a little extra green dye to send to President Obama in celebration of St. Patty’s day!

President Bush, we miss you.

The difference between a goose and a gander

March 17, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

goose thankw 280x300 The difference between a goose and a ganderWe’ve all heard the saying, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Now I’m not much of a farmer but I have been through Iowa a few times. Seems to me this quote refers to what is bad for McCain is good for Obama, or is it what’s good for Obama is bad for George Bush? Maybe it’s what’s good for Obama means the rest of us suffer? I’m not real sure but I do recognize one common theme. It’s all good for Barrack Hussein Obama!

It wasn’t that long ago (5 months) that the Obama machine ‘blasted’ Senator McCain for saying the economy is fundamentally strong. This week his economic advisor Christine Romer said the exact same thing on NBC’s “Meet the press”. Simply amazing, does he think the American people are so stupid?

Apparently so, because at the same time he proposes spending hikes that coupled with interest exceed 3 trillion dollars over the next decade he boasts a goal of cutting the deficit in 1/2 by the end of his first term. Lets pray to God that is all the time he gets.

While the double speak continues and Obama spends like a drunken sailor he and his loose cannon cabinet have created a convenient escape line. It’s not their deficit, its President Bush’s fault, it’s not their problems in Iraq it is Bush again. With every major decision they face, instead of taking it head on as Bush did and look for a solution they ‘claim they have to take drastic actions’ because it’s a problem, they inherited.

While this kind of approach works in school yard politics, it’s a cowardly response from the leader of the free world. Nothing is Obama’s fault and disaster looms for everyone according to the man who flies the world in his new found luxury liner and dines and dances every Wednesday night at his ‘open parties’ while so many of us suffer.

evil goose thankw 150x150 The difference between a goose and a ganderWhat’s the difference between a goose and a gander? The goose in this case is golden and it’s the gander that gets cooked.

Stuttering through the Presidency

March 13, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

It’s amazing to me that the media branded George W. Bush as a stumbling buffoon and what’s more the American people bought into it. The constant ridicule, demeaning comments and blatant vicious attacks were a never ending theme for his 8 years as President.

The liberal left’s hatred grew with every gaff or ‘Bushism’ as they seethed with rage and envy every time he accomplished the impossible in spite of them. They wanted his power and spotlight for themselves and couldn’t believe ‘this cowboy’ who wouldn’t know the difference between Beluga or Iranian Caviar would be so loved by America’s citizens. George Bush was and is a dunce and must be destroyed and the hierarchy of the Democrat party must be reestablished at all costs.

Mission Failed

While true we are now graced with the leadership of the most liberal socialist leaning politician in recent memory. (Excluding the likes of Chavez or Castro mind you) We did not get the renaissance of dignity and the intellectual bulwark they had hoped for. Instead we got bumbling stumbling Barack who looks like a deer in head lights without his ‘life giving’ teleprompter. If you thought the world saw us as fools with George Bush, what do you think they are saying now?

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Are we going to far or do you agree and Thank God for George W. Bush.

Break out the shovels

March 12, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

obama shovel thankw 171x300 Break out the shovels

Shovel ready
Not on my watch
That day is here

I’m sure if you checked Obama’s web site you’d find that all these ‘tags’ were in his site optimization pack. You Google change, you get pages filled with Obama, type transparency and surprise, the same.

The problem is that this is all these words are, just tags and slogans that we are all suppose to associate with Barack Hussein Obama. They have no meaning and they certainly have not been adhered to.

Obama wants better schools and today we find the democratic controlled senate cut the highly successful voucher program for more than 1000 of the poorest minority kids in the area. Obama is silent on the subject and his veto pen is tucked nicely in his pocket.

Obama tells us we all get to view legislation 5 days on line before he signs anything. He has violated that rule already 3 times.

In three cases, Obama signed legislation well within that window — with a fair-pay law, an expansion of health insurance for children and the $787 billion economic stimulus package.


Today the President signed the omnibus spending package against his promise to you and I of no more earmarks. My head is spinning so fast I’m not even sure if he gave this one the promised 5 days.

My favorite is “shovel ready”. We were told that the ‘stimulus’ money was for projects that were ready to go and this would ‘stimulate our failing economy. Another con job because most of the projects targeted are a year or more away.

manure thankw 225x300 Break out the shovelsWell I know some of us are ready with our shovels, perhaps you can throw in a few folks who have pitch forks in hand as well. We won’t be building any highways or bridges however with these implements, no we’ll need them just to dig out from under all the crap Obama and the elitist left is throwing at us. Not to worry though, one little known earmark in Obama’s new bill is “shovels for everybody”. He’s even handing them out himself to show how much he cares.

The Great Divide

March 3, 2009 · Filed Under National Politics · 2 Comments 

chasm thankw The Great DivideSomething’s amiss in America. While the left is stressing the dire straits the countries in and millions are hurting there seems to be a huge disconnect. Nancy Pelosi declares 5oo million Americans are losing their jobs every month. I’m not great at math but aren’t their only 300 million citizens? Then she jumps on board a luxury jet at tax payers’ expense to have exclusive audience with the Pope. Of course this was right after the hurried vote to take billions from you and I for the ‘stimulus package.’
Gov. Rod Blagojevich is caught on tape ‘selling Obama’s vacant seat and now has inked a book deal for a cool 6 figures.That guy just won’t go away but he does look good in his jogging outfit on his way to daily workouts.
Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius holds back tax monies that are rightly the property of its residents and she is vaulted to a lofty cabinet position. Tax cheats are allowed to keep their jobs and even asked to be on Obama’s exclusive advisory task force. (Charlie Rangle)
Obama himself heralds the failing of our country and spews words of despair and gloom, yet he dines on lobster, caviar and orders up a helicopter that cost’s more than Air Force One.
The chasm is wide and those of us not fortunate to be on the other side can only gaze across and hope for a better day.
With every speech Obama gives (teleprompter or not) the Dow Jones takes another dive. In a speech the other night designed to specifically sound upbeat and positive while echoing Regan’s majestic touch, polls show no significant bump in Americans confidence. Where is this man who ran for office just a few short months ago? What have they done with the Senator from Illinois who promised us change from Washington as usual and brighter days for all Americans, not just the privileged few?
While you and I begin to strategize our future with all of the uncertainties, buckling down on our dollars and cutting back on discretionary spending. Others, already further down despairs road look for housing or scramble to find employment to feed their family. Common men and women who otherwise would not look to government for help now stand and wait for answers. Answers that were promised but most fear will never come.
obama dancing thankw 300x298 The Great DivideAnd just where is Obama? At least on Wednesdays you can find him at the White House with many important people. It’s obvious that key decisions are being made and deals struck that will benefit us all because the ‘get together’ lasts all night long. At least that is the song playing in the decked out east room. You see it’s not top level executives hammering out budgets on Wednesday nights, it’s Obama and his elitist friends in a conga line dancing to the likes of Earth Wind and Fire,Sweet Honey in the Rock and Stevie Wonder.
Obama has turned the once dignified home of great and honorable leaders into a giant disco. Trimmed with lights, a dance floor and the finest hors d’oeuvres money can buy.

He’s quoted as saying “We are just temporary occupants. This is a place that belongs to the American people and we want to make sure that everybody understands it’s open,” he said.

I don’t remember getting that invitation but I’m sure we’ll get the bills. Let’s hope there are no ‘stains’ on the carpet.
This same man who lambasted CEO’s for redecorating their office, flying corporate jets or taking key employees on business retreats is tripping the lights in between traveling the world in first class style.
“Those days are over” was a nice sound bite but now seems so hollow and condescending in light of his recent activities.

Those days are over for some, just not for Obama.

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