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Obama’s message is not so new

April 2, 2010 · Filed Under National Politics · Comment 

The Bible says “there is nothing new under the sun” and that seems like an impossible statement. Most think that Obama has brought such sweeping new changes that will harm our great land and set us back 200 years. The truth is, he didn’t bring it, he didn’t invent it, he only implemented it and is in the process of bringing it about like this country has never seen before. But his success with our destruction is also not new, one only needs to look back at Germany under Hitler to see a countries demise under such a leader. We have examples in the present day too of leaders who racked and ruined their people and brought progress to a screeching halt. Cuba and Venezuela are two such countries that are mired in poverty and stagnant distress all because their dictator chose to be imperialistic and promote socialism which was only the first step to the ultimate goal of communism or fascism.

Barrack Hussein Obama used Twitter and Facebook as well as other savvy social media techniques to get his veiled messages out to the masses but again, that is nothing new. Looking back all the way to the 1930′s it’s easy to see that this utopia socialistic banter was being pushed at the behest of the leadership of the day using famous people on the big screen. In a time when movies were all the rage and people flocked to Sunday matinees the far left took full advantage and major socialistic policies and programs were easily put through. Jobs were scarce then too, money was tight and so the green light was given to push for this evil agenda and to push hard. Sound familiar? This is exactly what the hate filled, fear mongering left winged politicians are doing today.

It took awhile for the programs such as social security to undermine this country, to long for the Democrats, this time they’ll speed things up 100 fold and ensure the destruction of our freedoms by totally burying us in debt and wiping out the private sector.

Obama did bring us change, there is nothing new about that, let’s just HOPE we can affect our own in the next election cycle.