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Winds of change

April 21, 2009 · Filed Under World Politics 

insane leaders thankw 150x150 Winds of changeOur society, our government and indeed much of the world is made up of checks and balances. Criminals would rule the streets if there were no police to hinder them and arrest the bad guys they’ve caught. Our elected official’s decisions are designed to be tempered with a system that doesn’t allow for one branch of the government to get too high and mighty.

And what about the world we live in? We have no jurisdiction over China and yet they make many policies and hold back certain actions because they know it may bring negative consequences from the United States or perhaps those in Europe. Russia no longer trounces wherever they please and Germany learned this hard lesson many years ago as well.

Sure these countries still thumb their nose once in awhile or flex their military muscle in a show of strength. Maybe they keep us in balance and reinforce our belief in a strong defense. The point is it works both ways but for many many years the United States of America has been the big dog on the porch. To some in the U.S.A. that’s a bad thing and proves we’re some sort of imperialistic dictatorship forcing our ideas on other countries. In reality every country we’ve helped that was at our mercy, we’ve rebuilt, rearmed and let flourish if they so chose. You can’t name one country that we have committed some sort of coup and taken over lock stock and barrel. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

The winds of change are now blowing.

obama chavez thankw 150x150 Winds of changeWith our new leadership ‘shaking hands’ with the enemy who has NO desire to change, talking with those insane leaders who wish annihilation on entire races of people and letting tiny little despot pirates hold more than a few battleships at bay; it appears we are seceding from the ‘checks and balances system’.

It’s no wonder that these dictators who are rich beyond any Hollywood liberal’s imagination have found new strength. It’s as if in the 12th round of a prize fight the heavy weight champion has lost his desire and refuses to punch as he gets pummeled. These so called leaders live in a cocoon like their liberal brethren as their people starve and live sub standard lives but somehow that’s ok. Now that America has been lulled to sleep and embarrassed by some phony fabricated shame, these self appointed rulers are beginning to pile on us.

love to talk thankw 300x234 Winds of changeInstead of a steady strong leader such as we had with George Bush we have an apology maven who wants to repent and be baptized in the name of the one world order. To do that he must confess his countries sins (which are not his by the way) so that the great church of the monolithic socialites can punish us and have us pay for our transgressions.

Even someone who is not astute in world affairs could tell you that these once ‘held in check’ players on the world stage are now standing up to the weakening giant and boldly taking their shots. They see the lack of resolve and the huge hole in our armor and are no longer afraid.

towers burning thankw 150x150 Winds of changeWas September 11th 2001 that long ago that we have forgotten. Was that blow we took from crazed lunatics so insignificant that we pass it off now as just a bad memory?

Our country didn’t rebound from those 2 towers crashing to the ground and those brave people over Pennsylvania dying by retreating to a corner. It was our willingness to punch back and strike hard against an enemy that has no rules. Are these fanatics we face now any different?

No, the only thing that has changed is our leadership and perhaps for some of us, our willingness to fight.


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